Friday, February 27, 2015

February Pointless Lists

Valentine's cookies from my mommy.

This has been a weird February. Usually we're dealing with an inversion and don't see the sun all month (let alone the other side of the street). But this year it's been absolutely gorgeous. We're a month ahead in the spring game--trees and flowers are already in bloom. Which is scary because we live in an agricultural area and one good freeze is going to really mess up a lot of people.

But jeez, we got the good end of this weather stick. Poor Boston.

Well, anyway. The other day I was walking into work, and the sun was shining, and the wind was brisk, and I had my coffee, and I couldn't help but smile. This is exactly where I want to be, you guys. I am one lucky chick.

Colleges trying to recruit Abby this month:
St. Martin's University (my Dad is an alumni, so he was pretty jacked about this one)
Willamette University
Linfield (she's been waiting for this one)
The College of Idaho

...And a few medical leadership conference invitations. Abby was all, I want to be a physical therapist, not a doctor! as she looked through one brochure of seemingly happy kids in their surgical masks. Cool beans, yo. Can you do something about my shoulders? That'd be great.

Also, side note: She's pretty sure none of these colleges actually expect her to attend; they just want her $75 application fee. Huh. Well, that seems like a tough way to increase funding, but what do I know?

Another side note: It looks like the letters spree is over. Mail time is boring again.

Books read:
I finally finished The Assassin's Blade by Sarah J. Maas, which ends on SUCH a downer (and you thought Empire Strikes Back was bad). Even though it was mostly just sad (because I already knew it was not going to end well for our heroine), I thoroughly enjoyed the backstory of Celaena Sardothien. And Sam! CRY.

Give me a minute to collect myself, you guys. I felt this one deep.

This month I also tackled Fairest by Marissa Meyer. I love Cinder, Scarlet and Cress, and am very much looking forward to Winter being released this fall. Meyer just spins a good tale.

But this one was only okay. I already knew Levana, the villainous queen of Luna, was freaking nuts, and I suppose her backstory should have made me feel a little bit sorry for her, or maybe a little more understanding, but not so much. She was just crazy. And the book just read different from the others. I don't know, less detailed, less... everything.

But hey, I did learn a few things, and it was sort of interesting to see characters introduced through Levana's eyes, I guess. Whatever. Abby just told me it wasn't supposed to be another Cinder, just a "little bit extra." Well... I suppose mission accomplished, then.

BUT! There were FOUR CHAPTERS of Winter at the end, and it was everything I love about this series. How the hell am I supposed to wait for the next one?

...And then I reread the Throne of Glass series again because I wanted to. So there.

Movies watched:
Johanna has been bugging us for a movie night, and we finally broke down last Saturday and watched The Lego Movie. And oh em gee (to quote Joey), that movie was hilarious. We were prepared to take one for the team for this kid, but we all ended up thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Who knew?

Project 333 update:
Let's see. I'm down a blue long sleeve t-shirt (wasn't wearing it so I turned it into PJs) and my grey sweatshirt skirt (bummed but for the best--that thing is hard to style for some reason). My new black turtleneck sweater wins the Workhorse of the Month Award--I wear it constantly and always feel like a rock star when I do. I have one exactly like it in grey. That one does not make me feel like a rock star. It's still in my closet. I'm kind of forgetting why.

Oh! And the weather has been so nice that I pulled out my black/white dot tank top and beige jacket to wear to a function of the girls'! And then froze my ass off! I guess sunny skies and 50ºs doesn't exactly translate into THAT kind of an ensemble yet, but hey, I tried, and I did look rather fabulous if I do say so myself.

Now my list looks like this:
Grey: Pants, skirt, cardigan, turtleneck sweater, pullover sweater (4)
Black: Pants, long-sleeve T-shirt, (black and white) blouse, (black and white) tank, cardigan, turtleneck sweater, scarf, boots, ankle boots, flats, coat (11)
Purple/Maroon: Zip-up sweater, pullover sweater (2)
Red: Scarf (1)
White/Beige: Blouse, skirt, pants, long sleeve t-shirt (4)
Teal: Zip-up sweater, t-shirt skirt, pullover (3)
Navy/Blue/Light blue: Cardigan, (navy) long sleeve shirt, (light) long sleeve shirt, jeans, denim skirt, scarf (5)

If my math is correct (and I'm not placing any bets on that one), that make 30. Weird. I would have never believed that possible a year ago. Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that I found Project 333?

Light update
My January attempts at food decluttering continue to go pretty well. My pantries (um, yes) are looking great. My freezers, however, are still kind of a wreck. This is because, while I am using up items from both, I've been using Sunday as my meal-prep day and usually end up with two or three dinners/sides in the freezer for the coming week. But we don't always eat everything I've made, so basically I've traded one form of clutter for another. On the upside, we haven't had Random Crap in a Tortilla Night ALL MONTH. It's like a February miracle. Still much work to do, but wow. I feel very good about this!

My February attempts at morning yoga have been much easier. Well, aside from the actually having to get up in the mornings, but even that has ended up not being so bad. I feel so much better in general after I practice, and practicing regularly has done amazing things for my neck. I missed a handful of mornings for various stupid reasons (like Tuesday, when I felt like crap), but I'm picking myself up and brushing myself off and counting it as a win. I think I'll be able to keep this one up.

Since apparently I've got a theme going here, I'm going to concentrate on getting the crap out of my little reading retreat. It's the one place in my house that I actually despise, which is unfortunate because it's so cute and I used to love it so much. It's not something I particularly want to tackle, but I think it's time. Look for that post, I guess.

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