Friday, April 17, 2015

7 Pointless Updates!

1. Has anyone else noticed that all the hip blog posts these days boast titles that include numbers in them? Like "5 Ways to Be Happier with Less" or "29 Cat Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Smile!" (That probably gives away too much about the types of blogs I read.) I think it's kind of an interesting trend. Confusing (because math is hard), but interesting. Why this obsession with numerals?

I don't get it. But I will attempt to emulate it to prove my super coolness.

Blossoms and Mt. Adams. This is pretty much what's been going on here lately.

2. Why in the world did I pick seven random updates instead of, say, five? Or two? I could be done by now!

3. Easter Sunday, Johanna got sick. We were in Stayton (that is TOO spelled correctly, spell check!) for my brother-in-law's baptism and confirmation into the Catholic church (yay Greg!), and were staying in a hotel with literally ALL of the Walkers. Totally fun. Anyway, we thought we'd just wore Johanna out with all the swimming in the hotel pool (HOURS worth, and she doesn't just sit there on the side, either) when we were at Debbie and Greg's and all she could do was lay down, but then she started complaining about a sore throat. Except she wasn't really complaining, so we didn't think it was that big of a deal. Until my favorite mother-in-law looked in Jo's throat that Tuesday and was all, uh, that's Strep. (TWO DAYS LATER. My mothering skills are awesome.)

Strep, you guys! Puss pockets! (Ew.) Luckily we got her in to the doctor right away, the Strep test came back positive (when I called Eric to deliver the news, he was like, oh, good--wasn't a wasted trip, then. Such a pragmatist!) and we had her prescription in hand by evening. She's so much better now--well, 10 days of penicillin will do that to a person--and also happily no one else seems to have caught it from her.

Fingers crossed for no relapses, okay?

I mean, does she look sick here to you?
She was. We just didn't know it yet.

4. Abby gives really great back rubs, just FYI. She's going to be a fantastic physical therapist. I will have a standing weekly appointment and she can just work on my shoulders and it will be really great for everyone involved, especially me.

5. Johanna has started lacrosse. This is the first time any of us have ever played, and we know absolutely nothing about what is going on. I had to sign a parent waiver saying that I would not argue with the refs, and I was like, how can I argue calls when I don't even know the rules?, but I signed anyway because I'm a conformist, apparently.

Kind of forgot where I was going with this. Oh, right: Johanna LOVES lacrosse. Her uniform includes a stocking hat, which she likes to wear around town, but even more than that, she just likes running around with the other girls. It's as different from softball as you can get. I'm so glad she decided to try something new. This is MUCH more her speed. (And way more fun to watch.)

My furry son all ready for bed. This has nothing to do with my list.
Skilly is just too adorable not to share.

6. Eric, Abby and I helped at a hard cider fest last weekend sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce. Because this is what Power Families (not to mention Power Couples) do. It was fine. I'm not actually a fan of crowds or hard cider, and there wasn't any coffee, and it was freezing cold, but other than that, yeah, it was kind of fun.

7. Fact: If you eschew all adult responsibility by deciding to blog instead of, say, cleaning the house for dinner guests slated to arrive ion Thursday, your husband will just start cleaning by himself. That's the silver lining to being married to a guy who can't sit down. Shit gets done.

Except now I feel guilty. The end, I guess.

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