Monday, July 6, 2015

Project 333: Summer edition

Ah, summer! Actually, summer with a vengeance -- the Pacific Northwest doesn't usually get this hot, and wow, we've had some crazy days.

It's not often that I start out on a tangent, and yet, my skillz are such that I can.

My July 1 through September 30 Project 333 summer capsule wardrobe really isn't too different from my spring wardrobe, although I did do quite a bit of shopping in June. Well, most of it is from the Goodwill or our church rummage sale, so... I don't know, that makes it better somehow.


And anyway, you can totally shop during Project 333 'cause this isn't clothing jail, so why you judging me, yo?

It's also hard to go off on a second, more angry tangent five paragraphs in, but I'm bereaved, remember? I get a pass.

My new used clothes! The blue looks purple here, but take my word for it:
It's gorgeous.

Sorry, this is kind of getting away from me. The words are being rambunctious.

This month, I've added three new skirts, taken out an old skirt, added a pair of shorts (my first since I was in my early 30s, I'm not even joking) and a pair of capris, and then found a great sweater and a peasant-style shirt and a couple of scarves -- although only one is making it into my rotation.

I bought two t-shirt type skirts new and the rest is secondhand.

I would not have thought this possible 25 years ago because I was not, shall we say, a fan of anything used. I felt like it was dirty somehow. Maybe I'm getting more relaxed in my old age? Because I think secondhand might be the way to go. It's easy to donate items when they didn't cost very much in the first place (for some reason... consumerism is deeply ingrained in me even though I'm going AWOL), plus there's the added bonus of not purchasing something with the heavy price of cheap fashion stinking it up.

So without further ado, here is my...
Summer 2015 Project 333 Capsule Wardrobe
(...all caps so you know it's legit):

Grey: Cardigan (1)
Black: Dress, capris, slacks, t-shirt, t-shirt skirt, cardigan, silk floral scarf, cute shoes (8)
Black and white: T-shirt, tank top (2)
Brown: The most perfect pair of sandals ever!!! (1)
Beige: Jacket, skirt, capris, slacks, shorts (5)
Beige and orange: Peasant shirt, tank top (2)
Orange: Scarf (1)
All the Blues: Navy cardigan, navy sweater, navy t-sirt, navy t-shirt skirt (SO SOFT), navy tank, denim capris, denim jeans, denim skirt, blue cardigan, blue peasant shirt (10)
Navy and orange: T-shirt (1)
Multi: T-shirt skirt, stripped scarf* (2)

...And if my math is correct (MATH. SO HARD.), that makes 33.

Huh. I'm usually in the 28-38 range, but rarely do I make the exact number I'm shooting for. Yay me, I guess.

Oh, and I've underlined the new stuff just because I'm bored and don't want to end this post quite yet. And, as we've already established, two of the seven are new new and the rest are new used.

And yes, I fully expect this wardrobe to carry me through the hotter than hell conditions we're facing now (103ยบ mid-July? Not cool, you guys. HA HA HA. Oh, the words are hilarious today!) and the potentially cooler fall weather we may or may not have in September (our Septembers are usually better than our Junes, although this June was pretty damn amazing).

One more random thought: I love blue, and it's nice to see my wardrobe finally reflecting that. I feel best in blue.

And that concludes this term's wardrobe. The end.

*This thing cost me 50-cents and it's a name brand that probably wouldn't mean anything to you but is the shit in this tourist trap of a town I call home. Didn't even realize it was a brand name until the day after I bought it. It makes me laugh. Mostly because it's kind of ugly. What, I'm not the only person who buys things for their entertainment value, am I?

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