Friday, July 17, 2015

Tourists say the darnedest things

Taken August 2014. Where does the time go?!

Abby has a job at the neighborhood lavender farm this summer, where she greets visitors and helps as needed with the U-pick gardens. She's meeting all kinds of people from all over, and she's been keeping a list of some of her favorite conversations, which I share here with her permission. :)

"When I was your age, I used to think I'd like to go to America. And now I've done it!" -- English gentleman

"Do you have a tampon? I've started my menstruation." -- Japanese tourist

"We were trying to guess your age. I said post-college, maybe 25? And she said you were younger." -- Mother/daughter team, who were astounded that she's a mere 15

"I get such good vibes from this place. Like, I knew as soon as I touched the soil that this was a good place and that the people who work here really care about their livelihood." -- Guy with a crystal altar who also asked if people smoke lavender

"If the lavender thing doesn't work out, I could see you doing stand up in a night club." -- Woman from New Jersey

"Hablamos Portuguese." -- Brazilian tourist after Abby introduced herself in Spanish

"Honey, this is Abby, the farmess  / lavender expert." -- Man from Minnesota

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