Monday, September 12, 2011

...And that's why I'm singing

I'm sort of at a loss about what to write, not that THAT has ever stopped me before.  It doesn't help matters that Johanna has had a fabulous day at school and is therefore practically orbiting the air around me as I attempt to put together coherent sentences.  (This is preferable to a bad day, however, because it means less whining.  A cranky Johanna is not as much fun as you'd think.)

Johanna is now telling me about how she's going to earn a hundred dollars so she can get all the Monster High dolls.  She's going to wash dishes!  And be kind every three months!  (This sounded way more hilarious before I figured out she's talking about her "star chart" at school.  Apparently this is how the teacher enforces order--by having the kids color stars if they're good.  Whatever works, I guess.)

And now she's despondent because she doesn't know how she's going to make a hundred dollars.

And now she's over it, making a sandwich out of her blanket and toys.  The pillows are the mayo, and the stuffies are the pickles.  Interesting.

So!  Um, what was I talking about?

Oh, you should see my house.  I've got unfolded clothes on the bed, and folded clothes in baskets that need to find their way back to wherever it is they came from.  I've got the remnants of dinner all over the kitchen, and a sink full of dishes, and a carpet in desperate need of vacuuming.  And at this point, I'm just sort of assuming that the lump there in the dining room is the table.

That's sort of the downside to having a job, I guess.  Things get left undone for a really long time.  The upside is that since I'm gone four hours a day, that limits the amount of time I have to be here looking at the mess.

I really, really love my job.  I love getting to put on nice clothes, even though that's vain and pathetic.  I love getting to talk to adults!  I love that sometimes I get to do some writing, and that the public is crazy, and that I'm right there when the newest edition of the paper rolls off the press.  It's an interesting, fun place to be.  I can't believe they pay me to go there and do stuff for them.  I would totally do it for free.

Not that I mind getting a paycheck...

Johanna's "sandwich" has turned into a "crispy cake."  She's just devoured it in a way that would make Cookie Monster proud.

Hmm.  And I guess that's enough for today.

Since this has all pretty much been nonsense, here's something along those lines for our song this evening: Flight of the Conchords, "Think About It."  This is from the TV series, which is TOTALLY worth watching.  The first time Eric and I saw this, we about collapsed from the lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.  "Can somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees?"  (Jemaine is my boyfriend.)

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