Sunday, October 2, 2011

Time to reach out to the side

I've had glasses now for... almost 72 hours.  It's been an interesting three days.

The thing is that with my glasses, I'm actually seeing depth.  Let's just say I wasn't quite getting the whole 3D experience before.  Which is weird.  I had no idea.  But now that I am, it's sensory overload.  It's going to take a while to get used to this.

I was a little self-conscious going into work on Friday with my glasses.  And then a little relieved that almost no one noticed, although a little anxious, too, in case they finally did.  Stacey volunteered to take the banking in, which was awesome, because I wasn't so sure I could walk with these things on my face.  I tried to keep them on, though, because aside from the potted plants looking so nuts, just sticking out like that, I could see my computer screen much better, and everything was a lot clearer.

So that ended up being fairly okay.

Then Eric and I went to a brew festival on Saturday.  I dutifully wore my glasses, because how else am I going to get used to them?  I was doing okay in the house.  I like them in the house.  But my house isn't all that big or crowded.  My brain hasn't had a lot of trouble with what it's seeing when I'm at home.

But there were A LOT of people at this festival.  (And they must have all been from out of town, because we saw like three people we actually knew.  And two WERE from out of town.)  It was very odd, looking at this crowd.  It was shifting and moving, and the whole 3D experience was making me feel sort of nauseous.  It's funny, because I'm not getting the headaches I expected.  I'm getting dizzy.

I did not see that coming, which is ironic.  (Oh, never mind.)

So I finally just took my glasses off.  It was a relief to have everything shift back to a blurry two dimensions again.  I mean, I guess I see in two dimensions.  I can tell what is above and below, ahead and behind, but I just didn't think there was so much space between the two... that it was so... like it is.

Depth is a funny thing.  I'm not sure if I like it.

So today I've tried to be good and leave my glasses on, and I really haven't had much trouble at all.  But then, I've mostly just been at home.  My biggest challenge came when I opened up the oven door and my glasses got all fogged up.  Twice, because I am a slow learner, apparently.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  Eventually I'll get used to this, right?


Chapterhouse, "Falling Down."  Mostly just because I'm afraid I'll fall down.  You know what's funny... I've been listening to this band/song since I was in college (we won't talk about how long ago that was) and I have never been able to figure out what they're singing about.  So I Googled the lyrics, and low and behold, now I do: Lead me to a sacred low.  Higher now, tell me what I wanna know.  Okay, then.  I always thought he was saying, "Take me on a walk about."  Ah, well.

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