Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Soon I find I'm searching for the exit from the ground

So this weekend my Aunt Ann and I got thrown out of a bar.  I'm not sure about Ann (ha!), but that's a first for me.

My kids did too.  Probably that is something I should add.

We spent Saturday and Sunday in the Town of My Birth.  I've been wanting to come and sit with Ann through one of her chemo treatments, only she opted to have us all come (she finds my children enchanting for some reason) and do something way more fun like getting tossed out of bars.  I admit I see the logic.

Ann and John gave Eric a gift certificate to a new brew shop/restaurant/bar for Christmas, so the plan was to go there for lunch.  But because my stomach tends to be high maintenance, Ann thought we should get a pizza first, just in case there wasn't anything I could eat at the restaurant.  Well, that's hard to argue with.  Pizza is the world's most perfect food.

Yes, that is an important detail.  Jeez, people, I'm getting to the kicked out part, just relax.

Around 12:30, Ann and John, my cousin Seth and our little foursome breeze into the building.  The restaurant/bar is in the back, but we don't really think about that at first because we're too busy looking at all the brewing supplies.  And who am I kidding, I was totally being a poser at the beer fridge, pointing out all the breweries we've been to.  I don't drink beer, yet I am a beer snob.  Eric is terribly proud of me.

We've been talking to the owner for like fifteen minutes and looking around and being posers and awesome before we decide it's time to eat.  And the waitress stops us at the threshold and is all like, I'm sorry, but minors aren't allowed in the restaurant.  Actually, minors aren't allowed anywhere on the premises.  And we were all like, whoops, missed THAT sign.  Which, incidentally, was clearly displayed in the window.  Like I've said before, details are boring.

Abby looks older than 12, although not quite 21 (thank God), but Johanna is clearly underage (what with only being seven and all) so that was that.  TOSSED.  It was awesome.  The girls and Ann and I weren't particularly hungry anyway because of the pizza we just ate, so Ann was like, there's this frozen yogurt shop down the road--let's go!  So that's what we did--left the boys to their pulled pork sandwiches while we enjoyed self-serve frozen yogurt with toppings galore.  The girls were thrilled.  (Artificial everything, bummer, but whatevs.  I think everyone else feels worse about what I can't eat than I do.)

It's probably a good thing we took two cars.

Funny story: The gift certificate that Eric was planning on using?  With me in my bag.  Ah, well.

Oh, hey, while we were walking around the little mini mall area after our frozen yogurt, we saw this guy in Starbucks with a glass eye, except he wasn't making any effort to be on the down low at all because it was bright gold.  The eye of the tiger?  I have no idea, but it was a little freaky and sort of awesome.

Gin Blossoms, Hold Me Down.  It's not about being thrown out of a bar, just being drunk.  Close enough.  Live version!  That's all I could find.  Sorry.

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