Thursday, May 3, 2012

The broken locks were a warning

People!  I am despondent and despairing, and not a little bereft.  Observe:

Charlotte Bronte* has a crush on this screensaver.

My Kindle is broken.  Whoa is me!  That little patch?  Will not go away.  Having part of a screensaver on top of whatever book you're trying to read is pretty much impossible, just FYI.  At first I thought, no biggie.  She's an electronic device, these things happen.  So I restarted her.  Twice.  Then I plugged her in just in case it was some sort of power issue.  Then I called Amazon customer service.

Oh, it took me a minute or two to find Amazon's number, but I was motivated, so there's that.  I got through the automated bouncer fairly quickly and was talking to a real person in less than a minute. He was very nice.  He confirmed that I had indeed tried my own damn self to solve the problem, and then passed me on to a SPECIALIST.  Fancy!

Specialist guy was also very nice, plus he had a British accent.  I went through my issues again, and he was all like, it sounds like one of the layers of e-ink has broken and it's dead.  Or something like that, I'm totally paraphrasing.  But he was very polite about it and seemed genuinely concerned when I was all, but I'm reading Game of Thrones!  And I mentioned the accent, right?

Also: Layers of e-ink?  Never stop learning, I guess.

So what happened is this: I get a new Kindle.  I think.  It might be refurbished, I have no idea, but Amazon is sending me a Kindle Keyboard for a reduced price (which yes, I know, I could get a Touch now, but I don't want a Touch.  I want mine) and I just have to send poor Charlotte back to them so they can confirm I'm not making any of this up.

Also: I'm pretty sure this happened last night after Johanna's coach pitch baseball game.  I had my bag on the floor and Johanna is incapable of just getting into a car; she has to roll around a bit on the floor first.  I was all, I hope you didn't just break my Kindle.  She was horrified then, and she was horrified this morning when I told her I'd had to order a new one.  Poor Jo.  I wanted to say, don't sweat it, because this is just one in a number of things you are destined to break in your lifetime, but I wasn't sure that would really help the situation any.

P.S. Another reason coach-pitch is awesome: Last night a kid running to second stopped, picked up the ball and handed it to the short stop.

*My Kindle is named Charlotte Bronte.  Next time, I'm picking an author who can claim longevity.

Lifehouse, Broken.  (Sometimes it's just too easy.)  Charlotte is damaged at best, like I've already figured out.

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