Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awesome sauce, work edition

1. Dazz'Lynn Uniqk.
Stacey flipped me a "sister paper" tab (you know, those special sections you pull out of the newspaper, a la Home and Garden) on Monday, featuring 190 babies, all born last year. I was looking more for the names than I was for the babies--one of my pet peeves is misspelled names, except I can't help but seek them out so I can feel righteously angry (I don't know, I guess I need more hobbies or something)--and there it was, the Name of All Names: Dazz'Lynn Uniqk. Let's just say that while the baby was adorable, I really, really hope she has thick skin and a good sense of humor, because wow, good luck, kid.

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2. Coffee.
The same day I found Dazz'Lynn, Stacey came back from lunch with a thermos of coffee, just for me. She even brought me cream. Oh, and lemon bars, which were fab, but I think the real story here is that my friend brought me coffee. In a thermos. With cream. I feel like maybe I should put that in bold. Anyway, I had been late to work because my car wouldn't start--I'd been sitting in a parking lot after failing to get a prescription filled (three days after dropping it off, whatever, I have HAD IT with Providence), reading and listening to my iPod, only to find the engine wouldn't turn over. I called Eric, who left work to rescue me. Naturally he hopped into the driver's seat and started the car without any problems on the first try. That maybe also needs to be in bold, except it was not awesome. So that coffee? Was like the best thing I'd ever been given ever.

3. French Fries.
Yesterday Stacey and I somehow got on the topic of french fries and the next thing I know, I'm walking to my favorite restaurant and picking up an order of fries to go, complete with ranch (Stacey) and ketchup (me). We were incredibly popular there for a while, because everyone could smell them and kept coming to the front office, so we shared our loot with Chris the Office Manager and Cranky Steve (who could have used a few more, I think) and Kirby the Editor. Everyone seemed rather shocked that we would go to such lengths for the things, but come on! Hand cut and perfectly seasoned! How could we not?

P.S. Now that we've had treats two afternoons in a row, I'm trying to figure out what to bring for today. I mean, it's tradition at this point...

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