Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Pointless Lists

Wow, January went fast. It was a very busy month of basketball, house projects and reading. Actually I only participated in one of those things, and I think we all know what THAT was, but I need a list and this is my blog, so there. We did go to Abby's drama class performance--twice--and I think I should get extra props for that because: Middle school play. Actually, her class did the best (there were two), and she was awesome and amazing, but still. Props.

Um, that's not much of a summary, but that's all that's coming to me. The words are being tricky. I think they're just tired, really. I've been using them a lot at work. Hard hitting Bridal Guide exposés don't write themselves, you know.

Pointless list time!

Movies watched:
None. That I can remember. I think Abby and Eric have watched a couple teenage girl-appropriate flicks, which just shows you how devoted Eric is to the cause. (He watched "She's the Man," for crying out loud.)

Books read:
How much time do you have? I started reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon and have been plowing through these things like they were nothing, even though they all hover around the 1000 page mark. Thank God they're on my Kindle or I'd have major back issues from lugging them around all the time.

Anyway, I read Outlander a couple of years ago and stopped with the first book... not because I didn't want to go on, but because I'd read online reviews and things, and got into spoilers, and thought maybe I wanted to just imagine Claire and Jamie living Happily Ever After in my mind. Because a lot of stuff happens to them (I guess it would have to, what with all those pages). But then... well, I wanted something to read that wasn't "Game of Thrones." There are seven books in the Outlander series, with an eighth coming out maybe this fall. If that's not promising, I don't know what is. (Actually, I kind of forgot how fun reading could be, which tells me maybe "Game of Thrones" really isn't my thing.)

So this month, I've read Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, and have just started A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I love them all. They're like crack. Science fiction, historical fiction and romance all in one. Really well written. I'm flying through them because I have to know what happens NOW, but I will reread them all (probably as soon as I finish the seventh and am waiting around for the eighth), so I figure that's okay.

Um, if you don't like bad things happening to characters you love with your whole heart, though, this might not be a good series for you. Or if you get discouraged when your husband says stuff like, "How much longer until you're done with this?" Personally I figure as long as I've managed to do the laundry and have dinner on the table, I've done enough to justify reading for six hours a day. (That is only a slight exaggeration.)

Proud moments:
"Mom! I'm playing the whore in the school play!" --Abby

Minimalism update:
I've been struggling with this a little. We're in a pretty good place with the main areas of the house, but I really need to go through the laundry room, pantry, and girls' bathroom closet. I just don't want to, even though none of these should take more than a couple of hours. Anyone have a vote?

Most read post:
It's vanity that makes me track things like this, I suppose, but anyway, the winner is Stirring myself. I'm glad my crappy parenting skillz are appreciated.

Things I learned:
Truly, I hate basketball.

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