Friday, February 8, 2013

Seven things

1. When I'm all alone and One Direction shuffles up on my iPod, why don't I change it?

2. Rosie from the Press came into the front office the other day to talk to me about the video games she plays on her PlayStation. I have absolutely no idea what she's talking about, ever, but I'm a good listener, so no harm done. She showed me the character she's named after Stacey (who can shoot laser beams out of her eyes and hands. This has quite gone to Stacey's head), and Stacey was all, where's Trisha's character? Hers would need to do something weird, like just throw snowballs. And I was like, that? WOULD BE AWESOME. Rosie said she didn't have any characters who threw snowballs, but I maybe could freeze someone. I liked that idea. I was like, I'll freeze them, and then I'll laugh... and then unfreeze them and walk away! Rosie said that is NOT how it's done (apparently you freeze people and then ninja chop them or something, I have no idea, it sounded kind of worrisome), but the more I think about it, the more I'd really like to see a character who just freezes people to laugh at them. Well, I'm nonviolent, you see, but have a soft spot for laughing.

3. There's a spider on the computer desk. Excuse me while I go flush it. Also: What? It's still winter! GO AWAY.

4. While flushing the spider I saw that it had crawled on Johanna's like 18th school fundraiser packet for the year. Oops, yet another one I refuse to participate it. Surely we can do better than to sell people crap they don't want anyway. Doesn't anyone do jog-a-thons anymore? I give you money, you give me nothing. THAT I can get behind.

5. It will come as a relief to Eric, I'm sure, to learn that I have started the final book in the Outlander series this week. He thinks I should give it up for Lent. Um, no. Jesus doesn't want me to suffer THAT much. This morning, though, I am going to be very good and do like a concentrated 15 minutes of housework before settling down to read. I mean, I'm not completely clueless about my responsibilities. Jeez.

6. I am eating my cereal out of a coffee mug this morning because apparently I forgot to start the dishwasher last night and no one else has those skillz. (Um...)

7. I LOVE MY NEW FLOOR! Yes I'm shouting, I'm excited. The guy was here until 9:30 p.m., which I felt kind of bad about. We still need moldings--those are on back order--but it's like a completely new space. It's so dang pretty. Love, love, love. The only downside is that Johanna has taken to wearing socks in the house (she never wears socks ever, even when it's below freezing) so she can slide around and do "tricks." I keep hearing loud thumps, followed by a shout of, "I'm okay!" I'm not sure I can take the next eight years of this or whatever it is until she outgrows such behavior. Surely not past the age of 16, right?!?

Hello, my pretty.
...And with that, you are COMPLETELY up-to-date, except for all that other stuff I forgot to mention.

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