Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Sort of Remodel Project, part whatever this is

The awesome thing about having a husband who doesn't sit down is that stuff gets done. The downside is this particular husband doesn't think anyone else really wants to sit down either, which is a fairly unrealistic expectation this early in the morning.

I have a routine, man! I like to drink my coffee and eat my dry cereal (um, milk issues) and poke around on the internets. While sitting down. In the quiet. I feel this is my God-given right after getting the girls out the door in the morning, because wow, that is way harder than you'd think it would be.

Well, anyway, more first world problems, but our floor is being installed today. So Eric is home, vacuuming particle board and moving furniture and generally making a lot of racket. I really should have planned an outing (even bucket drumming during Artist in Residence week at the elementary school is sounding kind of good right now), but alas and alack, that did not occur to me until this very minute.

The Sort of Remodel Project, part whatever this is, in pictures:

Abby must have taken this one... Carpet removal! Hooray!!!!

We built the house when Abby was three and let her color on the floor.
I *think* she was trying to spell Madie's name.

That's welcoming. Couch on the porch.

Particle board! You'd think it would bug me, having lived like this
for a few days, but actually, the echo makes up for any inconveniences.

Abby's room has become the furniture dumping ground, poor kid.

This is a good day. Even if Eric won't let me burn the couch...  (Just kidding. Kind of.)

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