Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be mine

Eighteen years ago, Eric proposed. We went out to dinner and took a walk in the snow, and the next thing I know, he's saying lots of really nice words and we're engaged.

This morning, the girls found Valentines Eric secretly left in their rooms before work. Too much cuteness. They were wondering where MY Valentine was, and I tried to explain that seeing them with theirs was enough, because seriously, that was awesome, but they did not give up, and eventually I did find mine.

I was not expecting that. Last night he dyed my hair and we joked that THAT was my Valentine, which is a pretty good one, I think, because how many boys will do that kind of thing? That's love right there.

Well, anyway, before you start thinking we're perfect, here's how the rest of this day is going to pan out: Eric is playing racquetball after work and I'll dig around for something in the freezer because I'm not in the mood to cook. Eventually I'll give the girls cheap-o chocolates from Walmart (why can't I break up with you, Walmart? And also, suddenly my chocolates seem even lamer, what with their Daddy's sweet Valentine words) and... I don't know. Homework and reading and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, probably.

Huh. I guess we are perfect. Never mind.

P.S. Does any one else think it's suspicious that "Valentine's Day" and "venereal disease" have the same initials?

I love me some Grumpy Cat.

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