Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Pointless Lists

Um, April 30. You know, you'd think that since each month comes and goes in rapid succession I would cease to be shocked when it happens AGAIN, but yet, here I am. Shocked.

Ah, well.

Eric dreamed I bought my crisis car, only it turned out to be a navy blue convertible tractor and he was trying to figure out how to tell me it wasn't really practical for our situation. He didn't mention whether or not I listened (I can only assume I did not), but anyway, apparently I have awesome taste in Eric's dreams. I had no idea a convertible tractor was even possible. I'm terribly pleased with myself.

By the way, here's my real crisis car. Almost one year later and for some reason it still isn't in my driveway. I just don't get it.

P.S. I'm thinking that since Eric took my buying a tractor in his dream without him so well that in real life he probably wouldn't mind if I upgraded to a smart phone. I may be testing this theory soon, we'll see. (The problem is that I'd have to actually stir myself, which is kind of a crap shoot.)

Pointless list time!

Movies watched:
Whatever. No one cares. Also: None.

Books read:
Edward Adrift by Craig Lancaster. I had no idea a sequel to 600 Hours of Edward was even possible, which is a good thing because I'd never have been able to stand the wait. As soon as I learned this book was out, I bought it. Bam! Sometimes you don't even need to think things through. Edward is a wonderful character who keeps on keeping on, even when it would be easier to just not. I love this one just as much as the first. Recommend, recommend, recommend. (Why are they so inexpensive on Kindle? You're ripping yourself off, Craig Lancaster.)

Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson. I've already mentioned this book and that I'm a big fan of Bea's blog. But while I am familiar with what she's doing to eliminate waste from her life, I found the book fascinating and very inspiring. And the opposite of preachy. And very practical. Bea has two boys and a husband... and still they only produce a quart jar of garbage a year. What the what? This book has helped me to step up my own zero waste efforts, as well as to let go of the guilt associated with not being able to do everything. It's also a great tutorial on minimalism in general. I also recommend this one--and hey, if you get it on Kindle, you're not missing out on anything. It's beautifully formatted for the device.

Garden update:
Eric put in the spinach and lettuce a couple of weeks ago, and we've got tiny little sprouts coming up. I'd take a picture, but you'd probably have trouble seeing them in all the dirt.

Most read post:
Math is hard. Well, it is. P.S. We are STILL selling special sections for a buck, and people are STILL buying them. Stacey calls them "limited edition." I think Eric put ours in the recycling...

Check this out:
Find Momo. You guys, I love this with my whole heart. I find Momo EVERY DAY. Almost makes me wish I had a dog.

Things I've learned:
The chocolate chips in our bulk section rock--probably that's the chocolate liqueur talking. Cleaning out the freezer is relatively painless and kind of fun. April weather is just as bipolar as March. Oranges taste better than vitamin C tablets and P.S., I've kind of been eating one a day for weeks on end. Still not tired of them.

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