Thursday, April 11, 2013

Phone calls and phone books

When Eric's alarm went off like three minutes ago, and I woke up from some crazy dream about being in an earthquake in a national park, except there were trees flying around horizontally (does that happen in a real earthquake? Probably not) and then all of a sudden my parents and in-laws were there and for some reason we were going on a hike with the girls, and I was all, is this safe?, but no one else seemed to be bothered, and after mulling that over for a minute and wondering why there were cathedrals in the national park, I realized I hadn't updated the blog for like five days or something, so that's why I'm up. You're welcome.

Work Phone Call #1
Little Old Lady: I put an ad in that $500 or under section, and the girl told me it would go on the internet. Which internet? I can't find it.
Me: Um... the newspaper's website.
LOL: The paper has a website?!

When I told Stacey about this--because apparently it was her ad--she started beating her head against her desk, which was sort of alarming but also completely understandable. Then she was all, why didn't we get coffee this afternoon?, and I was like, I'm drawing a blank on that one.

Work Phone Call #2
Little Old Man (who later I discovered was Murray): Hey there, can I talk to your husband?
Me: ...Wait, what?
Murray (laughing): Uh, is this Stacey or Trish?
Me: It's Trisha, and yes, our voices are often confused.
Murray (still laughing, perhaps we need to call in the medics at this point): Ha ha ha! I was sure you were Stacey!
Me: Trust me, Stacey is going to love this story. Let me get you Tony.
Stacey: Was that Murray?
Me: I guess he didn't want to talk to my husband after all.

P.S. Stacey's husband Tony is the print shop manager, and Murray is always going back there to talk with him. I have no idea what Murray does, but since my first day, everyone's just sort of let him wander where he will, so I figure asking questions at this point would just be embarrassing.

Also, half the phone calls I get start with "Hi Stacey!" But no one had asked to speak to Eric before. I wasn't too sure how to transfer to a completely different office...

Phone Books
So Cranky Steve threw a mother of a fit on Wednesday all over phone book delivery, and the post office claiming to own mailboxes and posts and the air around it, and drivers tossing phone books on the ground as a result. It was bad enough that people were coming out of offices to watch. No one stopped him, mind you--just watched. Then he stormed out and Chris the Office Manger was all, well, better he blow up at us then the public, and I was all, uh... I'm kind of not getting your point. Well, yes, I do get her point, but why is it better to freak out in front of all of us? Aren't we real people?

The next day I just talked to him like I always do because I figured he must have been embarrassed about that, right? It must be hard to be Cranky Steve all day long, every day...

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