Thursday, April 4, 2013

A whole lot of nothing

I know, I know, it's been a while. Jeez, people, I have a life. And also: Easter. And also: My mother is obsessed with putting together my grandparents' 70th anniversary scrapbook and thinks I am obsessed to. (Hint: Not so much.) Um, but I try to be patient because their anniversary was in September and Mom wanted me to do this last year, but I suck.

So yesterday at work I thought Cranky Steve was going to scratch my eyes out because he left like fifteen minutes early and I was all, leaving already? That was a joke because Steve's life involves the paper and his cats, and he's always at the office until like 10 p.m. or something, I don't know, I leave at 5. And he was all, TRISHA! and I thought I saw him roll up his sleeves and that's when I put my hands up and was like, joking, joking! and I got to keep my eyeballs after all.

This is the first week back after spring break and the girls are not feeling it. Abby's supposed to be at school at 7:40 a.m. (does the school administration even know any teenagers?) and we left the house this morning at 7:38. Abby was blaming Johanna, but I was like, um, your shoes aren't on either. My goal in the morning is to simply get everyone out of the house without any crying (myself included, obviously) and this week has been a complete and utter fail. 'Cause I'm not feeling it either.

We had a rather lovely Easter and Holy Week. We had a little playdate with Johanna's friend Savannah on Thursday, and then on Friday my best friend Mara came (hi Mara!), but I couldn't feed her anything because her body is in revolt. Hmm. Well, I get the whole food sensitivity thing, but man, no coffee? Suddenly my own afflictions aren't looking so bad.

Oh, and my grandparents were in town, which is kind of why I spent a lot of my time on my parents' computer trying to crank out the anniversary scrapbook. (Thank God for photo books, honestly. I don't even want to think of how much time it would take to put this thing together the old fashioned way.) We also spent Easter Sunday with Eric's side. It was a completely gorgeous day, and we spent as much time outside as possible.

Right now Eric is ripping the carpet out of my retreat in preperation of putting in hardwood flooring. We have leftovers from the living room et al project. Also, gross: When Madie would get mad at us, she'd pee in there and that smell? Is impossible to remove. I'm trying to be generous with her memory, but at the moment it's a struggle.

And I am making dinner. This is going to be a rather thrown together affair consisting of stuff I want out of my freezer and pantry. Except for all it's thrown togetherness, it's taking a hell of a long time to prepare. Well, whatever, I guess. Oh, right: Pasta with tomatoes from our garden last year and fresh mozzarella, zucchini pancakes on the side, probably a jar of cherries because I think there's one in the back of the fridge, plus anyway when you live next door to a cherry orchard, you tend to have a lot of that in your pantry. Johanna is not a fan of spaghetti (let's face it, that's what this is) so I left out some noodles for her and she can dump all the parmesan she wants on there from that green can my parents got her for Christmas because that's just how Johanna rolls.

Um, the end. Will post pictures of my gorgeous new retreat later.

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