Friday, April 19, 2013

Math is hard

Every spring, the newspaper publishes this huge special section--or actually four special sections--and the public? GOES NUTS. Well, it is beautifully illustrated and is packed with some cool stories et al. Anyway, traditionally extras have sold for 50 cents, but this year Deb and Stacey decided to make it a buck.

The newspaper it was inserted into costs 75 cents. We still have copies of the entire paper. This is an important detail.

Stacey told me about how this lady came in and wanted four, and Stacey was all, do you want the entire paper? and she was all, nope. And Stacey was all, she spent an extra dollar! And I was like, that is impressive, but I'll probably never get to see such awesomeness myself.

Except I did!

A gentleman came in asking for the section, and I was like, this is a dollar, or I can sell you the entire paper for 75, and he was all, I just want the special section, and I was all, sold!

The moral of this story is that I'm an English major, so I'm probably missing something here.

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