Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not my best morning


I don't think anyone would classify this morning as a success, except for maybe Oscar the Grouch, but that guy loves tears and chaos and yelling and is kind of messed up. Abby was on the emotional edge of the abyss, Johanna's enthusiasm went unchecked for too long, and I wasn't in the mood. Sometimes this whole "motherhood" ordeal is more than I bargained for:

I don't want to find your tank top.

I don't want to remind you to brush your teeth.

I don't want to get your swimming bag packed.

I don't want to come when you call.

I don't want to see that.

I don't want to deal with your contact lens issue just now.

If I were being honest, it's mainly my fault. I went on my iPad for just a teensy minute, and the next thing I know, 15 have passed, we need to leave in 20, Johanna is still in bed, Abby can't figure out what to wear and her eyeballs hurt, and I haven't made any coffee. Or packed a lunch. So panic sets in and bam! We have tears and everything.

Mother of the year is what I'm saying. Johanna is naturally oblivious and has the happiest heart of anyone I've ever met, but I probably ruined Abby's whole day.


I'm sorry, Abs.

Update, April 24
I would totally classify this morning as a raging success, mainly because I kept off the damn iPad and focused really hard. Boring. But I was able to put out all those little fires that come up no matter how many mornings we've managed to get under our belts. And pack fairly decent lunches. And no one cried.

I'm pretty amazing sometimes.

P.S. I was worried about Abby ALL DAY yesterday and when I finally got to talk to her, I was like, was your day okay or did I ruin it? And she was like, what? No, it was horrible because of State Testing, and I was all, oh, okay.

The end.

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