Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday "Art," what I'm doing this morning edition

1. Making Mexican Lasagna filling using our rather overgrown, totally kick ass home grown spinach:

You can only do so much when you're taking photos with your Ipod.
Hey, though, trust me. Recipe here. You're welcome.

2. Admiring the marigolds:

I actually think marigolds are quite stinky (and not in a good way),
but they are pretty.

3. Admiring the view:

Another perfect day. Is it any wonder my blogging has been sporadic lately?

4. Coffee:

This is one of the coffee mugs I won in that gift basket thing, and it's
admittedly kind of funky, but Abby loves the set, so we're using them
until she goes to college and then she can take them with her forever.

5. Looking forward to having time to start this on my Kindle:

Not my photo; found it here.
And here's the book link. I pre-ordered this almost a year ago,
people. It's been a looooong wait.

(And not in that particular order.)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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