Monday, June 2, 2014

Two days in and already behind

Sorry about the blogging break. It was unintentional. We've had some exceptionally good weather lately, and it's hard to sit down and write when this is the view beyond your computer:

Early morning sunshine and prettiness.

That should adequately explain why I have a column due in an hour and a half that I haven't even started yet, as well as why I've got a bit of a sunburn on my arms and legs. Sunshine makes me want to read on the deck with a glass of iced coffee. It does not make me want to do anything productive.

Hey, speaking of hanging out on the deck, here's something I noticed yesterday:

Baby sungold tomatoes! 

So that's kind of exciting. We're not doing a garden this year--our output has been pathetic the last couple of years, and we decided to give the soil a break. I mean, when you can't even grow a decent batch of zucchini, which is practically a weed, you know things are bleak. But we have needs, so Eric got us a couple of huge sungold tomato plants (if you've never had a sungold tomato, you're missing out. Those suckers are like crack. SO GOOD), as well as three fairly well-established basil starts (so well-established I've already been able to make a baby batch of pesto). These sit on the deck. We're putting our southern exposure to good use. Plus it makes it a rather festive area to buck responsibility and read, what with all the flowers and plants and such.

I can't say there's much of a point to any of this, but I suppose that IS the point, so there you go. Hey, I'll have a real post on Wednesday, okay? I should be able to get my act together by then. Even if the extended forecast IS rather wonderful in the sun department...

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