Friday, August 22, 2014

Packing light

I haven't bored anyone with my Project 333 rambles in a while, so hey, it's your lucky day! Because I'm endlessly fascinated by this whole ordeal, I like to see just how far I can go on as few clothing pieces as possible. Our mini-vacation was the perfect opportunity to pack light and see what happened.

Our trip was three days, two nights. In the mountains, kind of, with temperatures ranging from low 50ºs to upper 80ºs. And a nighttime performance of The Sound of Music on the docket.

What I wore:
Repurposed multi-colored t-shirt skirt*
Black tank
Black cardigan
Black shoes

What I packed:
Beige capris
Black t-shirt
Black long-sleeve t-shirt
Blue multi scarf
Swimming suit
Black thrashed sandals (that I refuse to replace because... I don't want to)
Black coat, gloves, and a hat

On Day 2, I wore my t-shirt, cardigan, capris and shoes in the morning and afternoon (it was rainy but not as cold as I expected); that night, I put on the long-sleeve t-shirt, cardigan, scarf and jeans... and my coat/gloves/hat combo, which I was grateful to have. And on Day 3, I recycled my capris, tank and cardigan. I can't say if anyone noticed, but I can tell you that no one cared. ;)

The only things I didn't end up needing were my swimming suit and sandals; I chose to read instead of sit in the hot tub on Day 1, mostly because my hair starts puffing out when it gets wet and I was trying to avoid it. But that was stupid because then it rained and was humid and poof! My hair just got bigger and bigger. So the moral of this paragraph is that I should have just soaked in the hot tub.

Big hair aside, I'm calling this a win.

*My birthday present from Eric. I love this thing. Observe:

Cool use for old t-shirts. Mara, we could totally make these, couldn't we?
That's a question 'cause I'd need your mad sewing skillz...


Bmore Bungalow said...

I LOVE when I'm able to pack light. It makes vacation that much more enjoyable.

Trisha Walker said...

I agree! It's a pain to lug a bunch of stuff around.