Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bonus Tuesday: Haiku!

Trisha's Note: Because I enjoy writing but am also easily sidetracked, I have a lot of unfinished posts just wallowing around in sad incompletion on my Blogger dash. I've decided to finish them because A) I like a challenge and 2) I really don't want to mop my kitchen floor.

So that's what Bonus Tuesday is all about: a bonus post, written who knows when and about who knows what, that may or may not really deserve the light of day. (You're totally sold on the concept, aren't you?)

Daily Create for Nov. 4, 2014:
Write a Smart Alec Haiku

Assignment is to
create smart alec haiku
well, that was fun, yo.

Actually, no, I
can do way better than that.
I am a master.

Only it's kind of
a lot of pressure, so you
know what? Maybe not.

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