Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bonus Tuesday: The Abby Texts: Schooled

Trisha's Note: Because I enjoy writing but am also easily sidetracked, I have a lot of unfinished posts just wallowing around in sad incompletion on my Blogger dash. I've decided to finish them because A) I like a challenge and 2) I really don't want to wrap any last-minute Christmas gifts. Fun fact: There ARE no last minute Christmas gifts because everyone just gets homemade jam.

So that's what Bonus Tuesday is all about: a bonus post, written who knows when and about who knows what, that may or may not really deserve the light of day. (You're totally sold on the concept, aren't you?) I think I originally axed this one because it makes Abby look like a brat, when really it's just that she likes words. She always has. One of her favorite activities as a toddler was just yelling out words. "You're summer squash! You're basil!" Anyway, her calling me dummy is no worse than me calling her poopie, really.

Abby: Duuuuuuuude, are you picking me up or what?

Me: Probs. Will see. I like to keep an hora of mystery.

Abby: *Aura dummy. You stink but you're also pretty and you should pick me up.

Me: You just dissed so nope.

Abby: Please.

Me: Okay. I will. You owe me chocolate.

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