Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Zero Waste Wednesday: Spice rack

So with my inaugural Zero Waste Wednesday a terrible failure, I thought we'd do something this time around that is nothing but success. (I can't decide if that's pride or vanity.) Behold, I give you my spice rack:

Dammit, family! How many times do I have to tell you that the cumin and
chili powder have to be together because they're deeply in love?!

I won't lie, I photoshopped out all the dust and grime from my cupboard. I will tell you that, but I will not show you that. Take the lesson from that as you will.

Our little town might be tiny and a tourist trap, but we do have a great market with a fairly decent bulk aisle. I mean, you can't get cocoa powder like you can at Mara's Market of Choice, but you can get about any herb or spice you can think of (even marshmallow root), so we're calling that a win. They sell reusable jars at the store, but I like these little four-ouncers from Ball:


...And these reusable (plastic, blerg) lids:


I've given many a lesson (okay, like two) to people who are curious about my jars. Both times, they thought that you had to pay not only for what's in the jar, but for the weight of the jar too boot. Nah, that's why God gave us tare. You take it to the customer service desk, they weigh it up (I let them write on my lids because I don't care about pristine white expanses) and boom! You are all ready for bulk action.

That blue number? Is the tare.
The black number is the bin number.

It doesn't cost very much to fill a jar; usually it's less than 50 cents. I was thinking of telling you exactly which herbs and spices are in my cupboard, but really, isn't that a matter of personal taste? So never mind.

Zero waste!
Fresh and fresh!
I can buy just as much or as little as I want!
My spice cupboard is adorable!
Weekly poser opportunities!

None. I mean, unless you're skittish about the bulk aisle, I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh yes, bulk spices. Live on them (and get them at my lovely Market of Choice no less). I always swear I'm going to take in my jars, rather than reusing the little bags or using new bags, because I always get just a little too much to fit. Then what? I've got a teaspoon of ground ginger, chili powder, dry mustard, cinnamon, and fennel. Hummm...actually, that might work for a sassy pot of chili.