Monday, December 8, 2014

How to be an introvert

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For whatever reason, this past weekend has been just filled to the brim with people and activities, and while I like people and activities, I don't like either as much as I like just being in my house alone.

The world is too much with us--Wordsworth knew what he was talking about--and yet... there's really no choice but to venture forth into it, whether I want to or not. 

Ah, well. There are probably worse problems. (Give me a minute and I'll think of one... maybe.)

After a full week of work, with all the talking and people et al. that involves, we had a party to go to that evening that we really couldn't get out of, as Eric's boss was retiring and his office was the one putting on the event. We'd driven in to work together, so I was kind of stuck in town until the party started, which was fine because the office really clears out Friday afternoon and I had plenty to do, but eventually I realized that I just needed to get the hell out of there. My eyes hurt from looking at the computer screen all day, and my soul was tired. With a breath and a sigh, I headed to Eric's office, where I chatted with his coworkers (who are all very nice), and then, finally, we were in the car heading to Party HQ.

I really did not want to be there. But the moment we walked in the door, we were surrounded by people who seemed genuinely happy to see us there. I spent the whole night talking. It was actually kind of nice (one lady had brought her daughter and the kid actually wanted to meet me on purpose just because I write for the newspaper, so we spent some time chatting about writing and goals and stuff. I felt kind of like a poser, but what to the ever. I don't have to fool myself, just everyone else, right?). I met Eric's new co-worker, had a nice conversation with my favorite of his old coworkers, ate cold Chinese and drank a rather iffy glass of ginger-peach cider (too much ginger, dudes). Eric's speech and toast were lovely, we had a high-profile party crasher, and we among the last to leave.

How to be an introvert:
Go directly home. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.* Eat cereal for dinner. Hole up in bedroom reading. Maybe do some journaling. Go to bed early.


The day started promising. I actually made a list of chores I had had HAD to complete (um, Christmas card picture ordered, form letter draft completed, house cleaned, Johanna's sleepover slumber party invites for next weekend sent, hard copies of Mara's books ordered), so when the clock chimed 2 and Cinderella was forced to leave the house again, this time with Abby in tow, I felt pretty good about the general state of affairs I was leaving behind.

Deliver some oranges (Abby's basketball fundraiser), hit the store for poker party munchies (more on that in a second), then off to a salon (oooooh, fancy!) run by one of my (very young, too much energy, clearly extroverted based on the number of parties she's invited me to in the 6 months she's worked at the paper) coworkers for a Jamberry nail party. (Fun fact: I actually do not do anything to my fingernails, not really even file them. I've kind of missed the boat on that girlie ordeal. I'm not sorry.) For a minute it looked like Abby, me, the two hosts and the consultant were going to be the bulk of this party, but as it turned out, we were not, so whew. Because Abby was there, it was easier, plus these are my coworkers, and I like them all a lot, so there you go. We put on our wraps, painted a fingernail and were outta there by 4:50 because we were on to Plan B.

The varsity girls basketball team was playing and Abby, being on the JV squad, was required to be there to cheer them on. Awesome. Instead of watching, I kind of just farmed** until the second half started (um, third quarter?) when wow, suddenly we had a game and it was awesome and GO GO GO GO!

We had to leave a little early to get Eric and Johanna from Mass because Eric was having his annual birthday poker party and we needed to get home. As per tradition, I did not go down and chat with anyone as the guests began to arrive. But then, these are Eric's friends and it's kind of a boy zone down there, so I didn't feel obligated. They probably appreciated the fact that the girls and I stayed hidden, now that I think about it. You're welcome, poker guys.

So that meant some reading time by the fire. And then bed. I was not sad about that.

How to be an introvert:
Stay home all day. Hole up in living room reading. Maybe do some journaling. Oh, crap, Vigil Mass at 5:30 p.m. Maybe a pizza for dinner. Go to bed early.


No Mass last night = Abby and I were out the door at 9:30 a.m. She drove and was quite proud of her parking job. (We're still working on parking. I find this less harrowing, though, than, say, making left turns.) Church was PACKED. We generally go Saturday night, when families have their own pews and there are plenty to pick from. People just kept coming in. What the hell? (Wait, talking about church, make that "heck.") We have a group of Jesuit volunteers in town, and five of the six were at Mass, which was fun--I invited them out for pastries and coffee at our cute little local bakery, and then laughed at myself because apparently I'd forgotten I was all people-d out. But it was really great, getting to catch up on their volunteer jobs and what they'd been up to and the experiences they'd been having since we last visited. (Plus, as all introverts know, groups are much different than crowds.)

Afterwards, Abby and I were forced to face the throng at the grocery store (you always know it's going to be a super fun trip when there are three carts left in the entry), and we survived. That's all I feel like saying about that.

Home again, was going to get all awesome and make two dinners (meals are hard on weekdays), then came to my senses and took a nap instead.

How to be an introvert:
Stay home all day. Hole up in bedroom reading. Maybe do some journaling. Oh, crap, we need groceries. Go to store. It's exhausting. Take a nap. Go to bed early.

P.S. What is up with all the "Understanding Your Introvert" posts and cartoons and the like that are floating around the internets these days? It's kind of weird. We're not mythical creatures. We just want to be left alone. :)

*Monopoly. Anyone?

**I might be addicted to Hay Day. There are worse things. And my farm is adorable.

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