Thursday, August 20, 2015

Five pointless updates!

So yeah, pointless updates, which loosely translates at "I have nothing to say, yet I must say something, right?, so you get this crap." Ah, well. Who needs content? Not me. Obviously.

My mental state has been on the cusp of collapse this week. This is because Skilly brought ANOTHER LIVE MOUSE to bed at 5:15 Tuesday morning (that was a hell of a wakeup call), and then this morning Eric found a dead baby mouse in our doorway, and then this evening between Skilly and the girls and Eric, we ushered three more babies out into the wilds. (Abby and Jo get credit for two.) As Eric was trying to get Mama out from under the couch, it ran into the kitchen to hide under my stove. So now, obviously, I can never go into my kitchen ever again.

Cats are highly overrated.

So yeah, it's been a bit of a trial.

I've been on a hamster wheel at work, which means I'm getting nowhere fast. I literally spent yesterday trying to rustle up any kind of story (feature, business, back to school, community event, volunteer opportunity!), and you know what happened? Nothing. No one was answering, no one was returning my calls. It was not very good for my self-esteem. Anyway, today I managed to get my one "do or die" weekly series story done, but wow, it was an uphill battle.

Interviewing, taking photos and cranking out a story in the course of three hours is not how I like to roll. I have really had to come to grips with the fact that 85 percent of my stories are not as perfect as I would like them to be.

I had my yearly exam this afternoon and got my flu shot. I was the first person to receive it at the clinic because they literally had just received their shipment. So I have a bandaid on my arm and it's sore, but I am feeling like such a responsible member of society. Oh, and my cholesterol is a thing of beauty, just FYI.

Our poor little tourist town has been so hazy from the smoke of two forest fires (one and two), and that's just depressing. How hazy? We can't see either mountain -- Mt. Adams or Mt. Hood. It's like it's February and we're in an inversion or something. We've been able to smell the smoke, too.

We actually had people calling our office when it started, asking
if Mt. Adams was erupting. Dudes, no.

Not awesome. But today! The wind was blowing and not only could we see both mountains, we could actually see down the street! It was kind of weird, but I tried to just appreciate the clean fresh air and the crisp blue sky.

The end. Maybe by next Wednesday I'll have it in me to write a real post? Well, by Friday, at least...

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