Friday, August 14, 2015

It's a small world after all

Abby got her license on Tuesday, and since then, the kid has been itching to drive. I foresee being able to use this to my advantage, as in, I may never have to run errands ever again.

Or at least until she goes to college.


Today Abby decided to come to my office around 12:30, because she had seen a Really Cute Sweatshirt in town and had decided it was calling her name. We walked there together on my lunch hour because I wanted to see it, too, but it turns out it had been sold. Bummer. So we were walking back towards my office to eat -- my favorite picnic lunch spot is the library park across the street -- when she decided what she really wanted to do next was hit the bookstore.

You can't say no to that, because books!

It's summer, and our town is hella touristy, so we were standing on the corner a full minute before a car actually stopped to let us cross the street. (So much for pedestrians having the right of way.) This nice lady was waving and waving at us, sort of frantically, I thought, when all of a sudden it clicked and I realized it was my cousin Shell.

Shell from Coeur d'Alene. Uh, what?!

So I'm like HEY! and then I'm in the middle of the street talking to her through her car window, which Abby found excessive and also kind of embarrassing, although she claims to have been just protecting me from getting hit by a car because I was standing in an intersection.


Anyway, so Shell is like, I'll find a parking spot! Except again, hella touristy, so she had to go around the block and then some before she found a spot, but we finally met up by the curb and had a nice little chat. She and her daughter were coming back from my grandparents' (a la The Great House Cleanup), and she said she hadn't been through our town in a while and just wanted to see what was up, and she was thinking of me and suddenly there I was.

Weird. I mean, what's the chance?

I made her promise to call next time so we could actually do fun touristy things (or at least have a nice lunch somewhere), and YOU BETTER, SHELL. She totally will because I'm five weeks older and she has to do what I say.

Oh, and her daughter was wearing one of my grandma's old square-dancing dresses and that was hilarious.

So the moral of this story is: Pay attention when you're crossing the street. ;)

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