Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Village idiot

Today I went out on assignment to a youth camp, tripped over the stairs twice and then ran into a table, all before I even had a chance to sit down and conduct my interview. Well, dignity is highly overrated anyway.

So I was feeling pretty awesome as I introduced myself to one of the camp directors, who then introduced me to the main director with a pleasant, this is a woman from the newspaper. But the director just looked confused and said, all I heard was "woman," because we were in a loud dining room. I stuck my hands over my head and was like, yay! Here I am!, but all that happened was that she looked even more confused, so I hastily added, I'm not usually heralded in like that, it was nice, but that seemed to only make everything more awkward, so I shrugged and started asking my questions.



The end.

Oh, wait, no. Skilly caught another mouse last night, at 10:30 this time, which is way better than 2 a.m. This one was also alive and kicking, and Skilly actually started growling at us (as if we wanted to steal it) when I went to open the screen door in a desperate attempt to get him the hell out of the room. He didn't understand what I was trying to accomplish (dude, you could have been free!), but he finally dropped the thing and Eric scooped it outside with a dustpan and then I freaked out a bit as I watched it scuttle away and then we went to bed.

Now it's the end.

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