Monday, October 26, 2015

The mystery continues

So remember how, in April, Johanna and I came home to find a surprise Easter egg hunt in the yard?

Our mysterious benefactor has struck again:

Exhibit A

When we were pulling into the garage last Thursday, Johanna noticed right away that this cute little owl mug was sitting nearby. "I'll get it, Mom!" she said, and barely waited for the car to stop before hopping out to retrieve her present. (Possible accident aside, this is actually preferable to waiting for her to get out of the car on a regular day, as it's five frustrating minutes of watching her gathering up her backpack and lunchbox and then pleading to climb out the window.)

Our new owl friend contained a hot chocolate packet and some candy corn. Fun fact: Johanna LOVES candy corn AND hot chocolate. And owl mugs.She tried to get me to buy her a similar mug at Walmart not too long ago.

But P.S., if you come to the house expecting to use said mug, forget about it. Johanna has made sure we all know it's hers and has gone to such lengths as to hide it in the cupboard so no one else can get to it.

Thanks, mysterious holiday joy-bringer! You are awesome.

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