Friday, October 23, 2015

Well, I thought it was funny

I put together the "yesteryears" column for our newspaper, which is basically a run-down of all the things that happened in a particular week in history. Sometimes it's entertaining  to look through the archive books and sometimes it's boring. I swear the 1950s were the most mundane decade ever.

But sometimes I run across little gems like this, which appeared in our paper in late September 1925. I was totally excited by the awesomeness, but I wondered if the greater reading area would understand why I had chosen it (namely: We've come a long way, baby) or if they would think I was serious.

But then on deadline day it came about that one of our ad reps forgot to place a Very Important Advertisement on my yesteryears page and this thing had to be cut to make room.

That's life in a newsroom.

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