Friday, October 30, 2015

October Pointless Lists

I was going to write a really witty and thrilling introduction to my October Pointless Lists, but I find that I am not feeling witty nor thrilling, so that's kind of a struggle.

Basically I just want to pump this out so I can go do something else. Sorry.

Pointless list time!

Books read
I started October rereading Eleanor and Park, which I had checked out from our eLibrary system and, ahem, hadn't returned yet (well, don't turn on wifi and they can't go away, okay? Cheating). But then my Kindle BROKE.

That screen is NOT a good sign.

Here's a tip for you, kids: When your Kindle breaks, you can call Amazon (google "Amazon Customer Service" and an 800 number pops up. You're welcome, America!) and they'll send you to a techie and then when you turn it on and off again and it's still broken (why is turning stuff on and off supposed to be a magic fix? Dumb), they'll give you a discount on your NEXT Kindle.

So I really had no choice but get a Kindle Paperwhite sans ads, which costs an extra $20, but I think it's worth it not to have to look at that kind of thing. P.S. I'd have gotten another Kindle Keyboard because I loved and adored mine, but they don't make them anymore. Downside: Those word games I played while waiting in offices for appointments to stave off anxiety no longer work on the new machine. :( Upside: I can read books in any light! That's kind of amazing.

The old and the new.

I was depressed because I thought it would take a week to 10 days to get my new Kindle, but lo and behold, it broke on a Friday and I had my replacement by Monday, so you know what? I love you, Amazon.

Anyway, that meant the end of Eleanor and Park, so I decided to reread The Hunger Games because ALL THE FEELS, so that was a fun week, and then I saw that Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger had finally been released as an ebook (YESSSSSSS) so I bought that. 

It's just a great book, that's why. If you read it and you're confused, just remember that Henry time travels but Claire does NOT. Then the storyline makes sense. It's one of my all-time favorite books. No joke.

Anyway, mid-way through that whole ordeal, I got an email notice that one of my eLibrary books had finally come up for check out! I've had it on hold since July 30, whatever, two months isn't that long of a wait, right? (Why did I think eLibrary was a good idea again? I have needs, you guys!) I can barely remember what I even reserved at this point, but it turned to be Hollow City by Ransom Riggs, the second in the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series.

So it's been a few years since I read the first one, and I didn't reread it before starting the second because I was kind of on a strict timeline, cheating abilities aside, so it didn't make a whole lot of sense all the time, and I didn't enjoy it as much as I remember enjoying Miss Peregrine's, but I soldiered on. It was fine. Fine enough that I thought I'd reserve the third in the series now so I can read it sometime in February (HA HA HA! That's slow checkout humor for you), but eLibrary doesn't even have the third book, so whatever. I guess if I want to continue I will just read Abby's hradbound copy even though actual books are such a pain.

I just like my Kindle, you guys.

Anyway, that's the whole sorrid affair. I'd apologize for this long, drawn-out update, but you're the one reading a blog called Pointless Ramble, so that's on you. I meant to write about my Kindle ordeal earlier, but then I got depressed. Ah, well.

Light update
I was not feeling the Light this month. I have no idea what I will focus on next month, either. Maybe just reminding myself that this is a thing I chose: Feeling light.

That's a lot harder than it should be.

Project 333 update
Not enough time has gone by for me to have any sort of update, now that I think about it. Ignore this one...

Abby update
Abby was going through my closet the other night looking for something to wear for Halloween. In her AP US History class, if she wore a historical costume, she'd get extra credit. So she's digging around, trying to decide if she's going to be Hillary Clinton or Mother Teresa -- but either way, perfectly confident I could provide the appropriate clothing.

I still have no idea how to take this.

And then, in the end, she just went as herself. So that was kind of disappointing.

Johanna update
This kid has had an interesting month. She's been thinking about her Halloween costume for weeks, vacillating between a ghost and the Grim Grandma (in case it doesn't translate, what Death would be if it were a grandma). Then she thought maybe she would be a detective. Or a geisha.

I'm kind of hoping this is our last year of dressing up and trick or treating, to be honest.

She's also started her own art journal, and it's awesome. If I were feeling more motivated right now, I'd post some of her pages. Maybe another time.

Eric update
How is it that even though the weather has been cold and rainy, Eric is STILL able to find excuses to work outside and thus avoid cleaning the bathroom, which is HIS responsibility?

Mysteries, you guys. They're everywhere.

Supernatural update
I am sorry to say that Abby cruised through Season Nine without me and is who knows how far along in Season 10. She is basically a terrible person. The end.

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