Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy birthday to me, part dos

(See?  Those high school Spanish classes totally paid off.)

So I'm still sort of waiting for the awesome to begin, what with my days before 40 being numbered and all (364 left!  Or is it 365 because it's a leap year next year?  That's my vote), but apparently these things take a while, so in the meantime, let me tell you about my birthday.  And then I'll drop it.  (Probably.)

This week I'm working full time, mostly because it seemed like a good idea when I agreed.  That was before I realized I'd be working on my birthday.  The last time I worked a real job on my birthday I turned 23. And I was a day camp counselor, so perhaps that doesn't even count.  (Eric* always works on his birthday and says he's tried to set a good example for me so I know how to behave.  I have no idea what that even means.)

Anyway, I dropped off Johanna*, made it to work with seconds to spare, and was greeted by a card and a lovely looking package on my desk from my co-worker/friend Stacey.  Three navy blue bracelets!  And she made me a chocolate sheet cake and brought me coffee.  Seriously, this made working on my birthday seem like a really good idea.

Aside from that, the morning was fairly quiet, and I thought I'd dodged a bullet, not being one for public acknowledgement.  (Which is odd, I know, considering I'm now blogging.  In public.  This is called "irony.")  I was working, rather in a zone, on something that slips my mind, but was obviously of the utmost importance, when a group of my co-workers snuck up behind me.  They started singing (yelling?) "Happy Birthday to You" (do I have to pay a royalty or something for mentioning that song by name?) behind me.  Since they were so stealth, they completely freaked me out and I jumped about a mile, give or take a mile.  And apparently turned red, which is most excellent.  Glad to see I haven't outgrown that.  My co-workers thought that was hilarious, but they're awesome, and are thus forgiven.  Plus they wrote really nice things in my birthday card and gave me a gift certificate for coffee, so they're all my new best friends.

I met Eric for lunch, a tradition that spans... well, a few years, anyway... and is made more convenient now that we literally work next door to each other (okay, fine, we're separated by a rather steep hill, but whatevs).  Fish and chips for me, clam chowder and bread for Eric.  It was a great date--we don't do that very often, mostly because we both tend to fall on the homebody side of things and it never occurs to us. But anyway, yay lunch date!  It was nice to talk to him without anyone interrupting to ask for stuff.

Back at the office, it was time for cake (which I could not finish because Stacey cut me the very-most center slice that was the size of a children's board book, so I walked some of it over to Eric, who was ever so pleased to see me).  And this cake?  Was amazing.  If I ever get the recipe, I'll totally share it.  Chocolate cake with fudge frosting is my idea of perfection.

It was a hectic day because the public didn't care it was my birthday and made all sorts of demands, but!  I spent the morning on a caffeine high, and the afternoon on a sugar high, so it wasn't so bad.

For reasons I am still not completely clear on, Abby* ended up at my office right before closing time.  I was all, what the heck?  And she was all, hey.  And I was all, I guess I have to take you home, huh?  So that was exciting.  We took a detour and went to a store downtown that offers a 40% discount on one item on your birthday, and I tried my hardest, but I ended up walking away empty handed.  Although Abby found a thing or two, so we might be back for her birthday.

I was starving by the time we got home, but that's okay because Eric made dinner.  He makes the best grilled onion/pepper/meat/cheese sandwiches EVER, and, quite frankly, he outdid himself this time.  All for me!

Then he cleaned up (!) and started passing around dessert.  I had not consumed enough sugar yet and ended up with another piece of cake, this time with raspberries strewn decoratively over the top.  (Or just tossed on there.  One of those two things.)

My presents: Eric gave me an e-book (perfect), Abby gave me a coupon for world peace (awesome), and Johanna gave me a flower she'd picked three days before and was shocked that it had wilted/died (also awesome).

And that was pretty much my day.

*My little family members.  I'll probably write about them a lot, just FYI.

P.S. This entry brought to you by She Bears, "Victim of Circumstance."