Friday, July 22, 2011

Johanna, artist

One of the absolute best things about Johanna is that she has no problem playing by herself.  For hours on end.  Every day.

Yay Johanna!

Tonight after dinner, she went outside with Eric.  I presumed she'd help him water the plants (i.e. make mud balls), but what she actually did was create this:

Note to Eric: Is there some sort of rock/boulder adhesive we could use to preserve this little masterpiece? Because I think I love it.

After I fetched the camera, we had a rambling conversation, of which I was very proud, about photo angles and such.  She wanted to make sure I got it right so she could put the photographs on her wall.  ("Not the wall that's on the computer, but the wall in my bedroom.") 

Ah, Joey.  I do love you.

Johanna has requested I link up Iggy Pop's "Johanna" for tonight's musical entertainment.  For obvious reasons.  We downloaded THIS SONG for free from Amazon several months ago, and she's pretty proud that SHE has a song with her name it it, but Abby does NOT.  (Please, no one tell her otherwise...)

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