Thursday, July 5, 2012

Living a life that I can't leave behind

I have way too much to write and way too little time to write it in, plus I have no idea yet if the words are going to come easily or not just yet since I've only been writing for like a minute and a half, but we'll try to cover the basics and come back later and fill in the gaps.  I guess.  I'm not much for planning, if you want to know the truth.

I deserve a medal, just FYI, because I spent FIVE days without wifi, which I'm pretty sure is a basic human right (I think that's what you call "First World Problems") and it's totally not awesome to be denied Internet access.  Although I suppose it's not too surprising that a campground out in the middle of nowhere wouldn't have wifi access, but that is beside the point.  The point is that I wasn't able to check Facebook or play Scrabble or see what was going on in the world for practically a week.  Also: Where's your baby brother, Lily?  We had no idea.  Turns out he's decided not to be born just yet (babies are unpredictable that way), but STILL.  He could have been.

LISTEN UP, BLOGGER.  It is also not awesome for you to suddenly change screens on me while I'm writing.  Way to give me a heart attack.  Although points must be given back for saving my work...

Anyway, so we've been camping.  Five days without wifi, five days of uninterrupted family time.  Sometimes I wonder how it is that I don't drink heavily, let alone at all.  But that is another story for another time, mostly because I want to do it justice and that isn't going to happen tonight, no matter how nicely the words are flowing.  (Thank you, words.)

Being at home again is nice.  I'm a homebody anyway, and four nights away from my house is enough.  I miss my bed, I miss my shower, I miss my cats, I miss my driveway, I miss my garden, I miss my job, I miss my routines, I miss indoor plumbing.  Making dinner last night was almost too easy.  A dishwasher, counter space, and an electric stove top?  Piece of cake to crank that puppy out.

Johanna and I went up into the garden when we got back to check on the raspberries, and came down with a bowlful.  That's what we had for dessert.  Straight up raspberries.  These suckers are huge and tasty.  When I make jam I'll need exactly four per batch, THAT is how huge they are.  (Um, approximately.)

Yes, we got home on the Fourth of July.  Fact: One good thing about raising your kids with low expectations is that it doesn't take much to make them happy.  The girls wanted to see the fireworks last night, but Eric and I weren't in the mood to head to the port and fight the crowds and then fight our way home again.  So we went to my in-laws' house.  They have a sort of view of the river, meaning you can't see the river at all, but you can see the larger of the fireworks as they're being shot out into the air.  PLUS you can also see all the illegal fireworks being lit up all over the valley.  The girls were happy with this plan.  Johanna even announced it was her best Fourth of July EVER.

Seriously, childhood deprivation.  I'm telling you, that's where it's at.

I've spent the majority of this day doing laundry.  Boring.  It was a relief to go into work at 1 p.m.  Everyone seemed pleased that I wasn't eaten by a bear, so that was nice.  I mean, what more could you want from your coworkers?

New Order, Bizarre Love Triangle.  Because I feel fine and I feel good, I'm feeling like I never should.  (Wow, this video is sort of awesome.  What the heck is going on here?  Is that guy falling or jumping on a trampoline?  Oh, 1980s!  I'm so glad I don't have to relive you ever again.)

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