Monday, July 23, 2012

Nothing like a little Pepsi in your sandals

Hello there, blank monitor screen.  My, you're looking intimidating today.  That could just be because I'm not wearing my glasses, though.  When you're both near AND far sighted, things tend to appear a little odd.

I just looked out my bedroom window and saw Johanna driving the truck up to the garden.  I'm going to pretend I didn't see that.  I'm also going to find my glasses and then yell at Eric.

There.  Much better.

Hey, so we went to Sunriver for my birthday weekend.  And you know what?  It was perfect.  We came, we took a lot of walks along the bike trails, we swam at the new acquatic center, we hung out in the village, we went to the Sunriver Brew House and had an adventure, we cooked some meals and watched some TV and read some books and just hung out all awesome for four days and three nights.  

We're going to Reader's Digest this thing because we all have lives to lead, but anyway, here are some highlights I don't want to forget:

We went to the Bend Brewing Company for my birthday lunch, where I got a free Chocolate Lava Cake from the waitress (who was totally jealous of my new middle-aged status) and a full Pepsi spilled on my foot from Johanna (at least we were eating outside so my shoes could dry).  

We had Creme Brule for dessert that night because obviously there's no such thing as too much sugar.  It was delish, and I'm not just saying that because I made it myself.

Okay, I'm totally saying that because I made it myself, but relax--it's not bragging if it's true.

On Friday night, Eric and I took a long walk up to the observatory and back, and then decided that we were enjoying the quiet so much that we'd go into town to check out the new pub in the village.  (This is that adventure I alluded to above, just FYI.)  Our big question: Does Sunriver Brew House mean they brew their own beer, or that they serve other people's beer?

So we walk in, and the place is packed.  We see that they've got their own brew on tap.  That's cool.  Then we notice some big tanks in the back.  That's cooler.  So we head back there to check them out.

Then this guy comes up to us and introduces himself as the owner, and long story short, he talks our ears off (in a good way.  It was interesting and awesome).  Then he's all, let me get you a sampler!  And Eric is all like, now we're talking.  So the bartender brings them out, and I try each just for kicks, and learned that I enjoy a stout more than an IPA, which is exactly the opposite of Eric.  And when I say "enjoy," I really mean "it didn't suck that bad" because, disclaimer, I think all beer is pretty damn gross.

After Eric has finished his sampler, the owner comes over with a huge sticker (like vat sized, no joke) and a hat.  He's all, don't let my employees see I've given you this hat because they're a hot commodity.  And we were all like, sir, yes sir!

So that was exciting.

Then! I finished Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire while I was poolside Saturday, baking in the sun.  I could hardly believe it.  TWO MONTHS it took me to get through that thing.  So then I started in on Harry Potter because my parents love me and that's what they gave me for my birthday--the complete set for my Kindle.

And Eric mentioned at one point that he had hoped to find a small Matchbox-style replica of my crisis car and then put it in the driveway of our rental with a huge bow on it, and then come into the house and be all like, I got you something, and then lead me out and there would be this huge bow on a tiny Matchbox car, but he couldn't actually find one, so instead he just told me the story.  That is so awesome he totally gets points for just thinking it up.

So you see?  I told you it was awesome and perfect.

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