Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let's build some happy little trees

A conversation I just had with my daughter:

Me: Oh, good, you're out of the shower.  Did you wash your feet?
Johanna: [sheepishly] With soap?

Ah, there are many things I think I do not have to say to that child, but it turns out I totally do.

Another thing I should have mentioned?  That we do not smear pitch all over the shower in an attempt to clean ourselves.  I had a good ol' time this evening trying to scrape pitch off of every single centimeter of tub surface.  Not as much fun as you'd think it would be.

On the upside, when she was out playing amongst the oak trees, the house was pretty quiet.

Today I sold three of my Pampered Chef stoneware pieces* to a lady who was excited to get them.  Sort of.  Not excited enough to pay my $20 asking price, anyway.  I got a grand total of $15 for stoneware worth at least a hundred bucks, but you know what?  It's not worth anything when it's piled up in Eric's brew room, so when I was rebuffed, I thought, really, why not?  Because, let's be honest, I'd have given that stuff away for free.  This advertising in the paper is sort of a new adventure.  People advertise some pretty crazy junk.  I figure I may as well, too.

Ironically, I was trying to sell my Stoneware Fluted Pan, as PC refers to the humble bundt.  That's what I advertised in the paper.  Oh, and then!  Eric, the poop head, calls me with this stupid disguised voice and is all, do you still have your bundt pan?  And I was all, yes I do!  And he was all, $10 is too much. And I was all, well, it sells for over $30 and I didn't use this very often, and then he started laughing, and I would have kicked his shin had he not been ten miles away.


The minimization project continues.  It's very soothing, getting rid of clutter.  I've just got the top of the refrigerator, the spice cupboard, and two cabinets to go and the whole kitchen will be done.  That will be a good day.

P.S. I'm pretty sure I saw a poisonous spider in Eric's brew room (that I didn't kill because, obviously, poison!) and I just know that it's living in my bags of discarded kitchen gadgets.  (Still want to go through them for Tim, Mother?)

*Pie plate, mini round baker, muffin pan, just in case you care.

P.P.S. Johanna just said Skilly is offended by my awesomeness.  Well, okay then.

Our song for the day is a video.  Eric found this after listening to a PBS segment.  It's really too awesome not to share.  PLUS!  Who doesn't love happy little trees?

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