Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project 333: Week 2 recap

After the first week of Project 333 and the positive lessons I had learned, as well as a few random feelings of plain awesomeness, I was unprepared for what happened in Week Two. Namely: A case of the blahs.

This confused me at first. I have plenty of clothing choices. And I actually like the clothing in my closet. So why was getting dressed stressing me out?

Then it hit me: I was trying to wear only the clothes that I hadn't worn the first week. I really hate being told what to do... even by myself.

Forget that. After two days of trying to wear all the things, I bagged it and went with how I always get dressed in the morning: Something stands out that I really want to wear, and I build my outfit from there. I was much happier with the outfits I wore, and, as it happened, I managed to incorporate one or two previously unworn items anyway.

Clothing. Is weird.

P.S. What I've learned about working from a capsule wardrobe is that Fall is one crazy dude. I go from wearing sweaters and long sleeves to pulling out my flats and tank tops. In like a 24-hour period. I've managed to be comfortable regardless of the weather with my 37 items, though, so whatever, I guess.

P.P.S. Still no one has noticed.

P.P.P.S. I've come up with some interesting combos I probably wouldn't have noticed before with all my clothes distracting me and whatnot. My navy tank with my orange-red sweater? That was my hit of the week.

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