Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Abby Texts: On Coffee and evil vending machines

Abby: Geometry makes me want coffee.

Me: Life makes me want coffee.


Me: How are you going to get it? That is the problem. No transportation.

Abby: I'm going to um. Run to db*

Me: Do you have money? Because otherwise...

Abby: Lol no because the vending machine ate my dollar. :) U SHOULD PROBZ BRING SOME HOME FOR ME.

Me: Then you'll be up all night

Abby: No I won't! I promise I'll sleep!


Abby: Passing the vending machine of all evil and I kicked it mmm yes.

Me: Good. Show it who's boss!

Abby: Kicks viciously at the vending machine. RIP dollar.


Abby: I'm going to avenge the dollar. I need you to get me some toilet paper, whipped cream, and duct table. And some dutch bros. Purely for morale ;)

Abby: The most necessary part of this is the dutch bros. THE WHOLE PLAN WILL GO AWRY WITHOUT IT.

Me: Ahem. I see how it hinges on coffee. IT ALWAYS DOES.

Abby: Caffeinated is better than decaf in this plan, though either will work.

*db = Dutch Bros.

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