Saturday, April 5, 2014

Unfortunately, even minimalists have to spring clean

One of the first projects I tackled after coming out as a minimalist was the master bathroom closet. While it's a shared space, and I am a firm believer that you can't make someone a minimalist by force, there was still plenty of stuff in there I could safely toss / donate / organize. And lo, I say unto you: It was gorgeous.

Unfortunately, that was then, and this is now. Said closet has progressively lost its clutter-free, minimalist luster. I mean, there's not a lot of stuff in there because we don't use that much stuff, but it had gotten quite unorganized:

Figure 1.
Why yes, I do horde Omeprazole!

And because I really don't want to tackle my kitchen, I decided this closet would be a great place to start with the spring cleaning. So here's what I did:

Figure 2
Yep, I closed the doors. Problem solved!

Ha! Joke. Sorry, I don't have many hobbies, just the blog.


I took everything out, I wiped down the entire ordeal, I tossed expired medications and sunscreens, I took the holiday and sentimental quilted items and put them into another cupboard (sigh. Well, that's another project for another day), and voila!

Figure 2.5
Hey, I like that "all sheets in a pillow case" thing, 
but mine never look like they do on Pinterest.

Beauty restored! (I actually also have another shelf on top that holds our towels, but you'll just have to take my word for it that it looks great up there.) P.S. My Mom made me that brightly colored quilt on the bottom for me for Christmas when I was seven. So yeah, it stays.

Then, for kicks, I tackled the girls' bathroom closet:

Figure 3.0
Um... yeah, kind of a mess.

Figure 3.5
Yay! I'm tempted to get Abby a basket to store
all her stuff, but then, I'm against buying stuff
to store stuff, so you could say I'm at an impasse.

So that's THAT. Will the girls' closet stay this organized? No. Do I feel bad that they recently got our old bathroom towels when Eric and I upgraded to fluffy white pristine beauties? Also no. (That's called The Hierarchy of Family Life.)

The only downside: Now that THIS is done, I am going to have to tackle the kitchen. Booooo!

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