Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Once upon a time

Our festival was actually less farm and more parking lot.

This weekend, Eric, Abby and I helped out at our town's annual harvest festival (Abby and I were in charge of stamping pumpkins onto people's hands so they could come in and out, and Eric handed out vendor maps). It was a long, hot three hours (standing in the full sun isn't as fun as you'd think, although it's hard to feel too bad about 80ºF in October), but it did make for some interesting people watching.

While I could tell some stories, I think the coolest thing I saw all day was a little girl, probably in the three- to four-year-old range, dressed in full princess regalia, including tutu, crown, and pink plastic high heels that were two sizes too big. She walked by kind of sliding her feet in front of her with her hands stuck out for balance. I had my fingers crossed for for the kid because she did not seem entirely stable, but on the upside, preschoolers are fairly close to the ground.

As I pondered the safety of pink plastic shoes (while simultaneously giving major props to her parents for letting her come like that -- the world needs more princesses), I saw her cautiously approach a stack of hay bales... and then lean over to lick it.

Huh. Not quite how I thought this story would end, but I do enjoy a good plot twist.

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