Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Project 333: Fall 2014 edition

I don't want to brag or anything, but I'm totally bragging: Today is my one year anniversary with Project 333. A year ago, I thought having only 33 items of clothing for an entire season was insanity and only participated because I was intrigued by how weird it sounded.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was planning my fall rotation, I hung up every single thing I own in my closet. I thought it would give me perspective on what was in there. All it did was stress me out.

I am apparently not all that into color.

It was just too much, you guys. Too many choices, too much visual clutter. It was a relief to pare it back down to 33. (Side note: I might have had 45 items total, but those extra few were the tipping point. Good to know.) I guess I'm in it for keeps.

Here are my picks for this time around. I have a feeling that a couple of items will get tossed into the donation bag, either because they're wearing out or because I'm kind of indifferent to them at the moment. That happens every season, actually. Just part of being a girl, I guess. ;)

You'll note that my wardrobe is a mix of seasons (welcome to Oregon!), and I fully realize that half of these things will sit untouched the first month or so (we generally have gorgeous Octobers), but they'll get their turn eventually. Like in December. That's just the way it goes.

Pants: Jeans, black, grey, beige
Skirts: Grey, denim, beige, multi-colored t-shirt
Tank tops: Navy, blue multi, orange multi, black/white
Blouses: Grey, black/white, teal, white
Long-sleeve t-shirts: Black, navy, nicer navy
Sweaters: Teal cardigan, grey turtleneck, grey cardigan, black cardigan, navy cardigan, blue pullover, black turtleneck pullover, grey sweatshirt, plum cardigan
Jackets: Denim, beige

That makes 30. (Also: I might have a sweater problem.) The rest I'm counting as groupings:

Scarves: Red, navy and grey, navy and teal, orange
Shoes: Boots, ankle boots, Danskos, Cobb Hill cuties, future Cobb Hill flats, Converse All-Stars
Outerwear: Coat, gloves and hat

Hello, scarves!

What I'm not counting: T-shirts and tank tops that I only wear under other items (I enjoy layers, yo), my tights collection (well, I have footed and footless, you know, depending on my mood, as well as regular and fleece-lined. Um, all black), two "special occasion" dresses (in case I need to go to a wedding or a funeral), my too-short yoga pants, pajamas and my jewelry (although honestly, my jewelry collection is fairly small. I'm just not that into it).

I don't know what else to say about it except looking at that top photo makes me rethink my black / grey / beige / navy wardrobe. Eh, who am I kidding? I am all about bland.

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