Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project 333 fall edition month one round-up

One month in with the fall season of Project 333 and I'm down three items. Um, except I also brought in three items, so I guess that means we're quits.

First, the rejects:

  1. Black turtleneck sweater (urchased at Goodwill for like $5 last winter) 
  2. Button-top long-sleeve blue t-shirt (purchased from Chicos in January. I love this thing, but it's all shrunk up in the sleeves and trunk and does not make me feel like a rock star anymore)
  3. Black Dansko shoes (that button keeps falling off and I'm tired of dealing with it. I should have tried taking them back to the store immediately, but I didn't, and that's on me)

It's so cute in theory...

I wore the turtleneck and the t-shirt one last time to just see if I could actually live with them before tossing them into the donate pile, and concluded that yes, I really can. I have lots of pretty things in my closet. I don't need to hang on to anything "just in case." I mean, let's be honest, there isn't a scenario where any of these items are going to be the only ones that will do in any given situation, right?

Why is it I can never remember that right away? Like, when I'm putting this stuff back into my closet at the beginning of a new P333 rotation?


Now, the new:

  1. Eddie Bauer sweater in "Cinder" (I forgot I was mad at Eddie Bauer for unnecessary shrinkage. Oops)
  2. Maurices scarf (all my colors! It looks more blue in real life than on the link)
  3. Cobb Hill slip-ons in black (yes, another button. The guy who sold them to me told me to bring them back ASAP if the button comes off, and I've saved the receipt for just that reason. Stressful, but SO COMFORTABLE. Cobb Hill is my new favorite brand)

I didn't actually plan to add anything this month... but I suppose that's what happens when you don't plan. I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of these three items, so I don't feel too bad. But this is why I need to stay the hell out of the shops -- I really, really love clothes.

Mmm, clothes!

Just in case you care what's in my closet now, here's the list:

Pants: Jeans, grey dress, black dress, beige dress (4)
Skirts: Grey, denim, beige, t-shirt (4)
Tanks: Navy, blue multi, orange multi, black/white (4)
Blouses: Grey, black/white, teal, white (4)
Long-sleeve t-shirts: Black, navy (2)
Sweaters: Teal cardigan, grey turtleneck, grey cardigan, black cardigan, navy cardigan, blue pullover, plum cardigan, new grey stripped sweater, grey sweatshirt (9!)
Jackets: Denim, beige (2)

The following I'm counting as one item...
Scarves: Blue stripped, blue/teal, new blue/black floral, red floral, orange multi
Shoes: Boots, ankle boots, new Cobb Hill, old Cobb Hill, Converse All-Stars (for all my working out! JK)
Outerwear: Coat, gloves, hat

Ha! That makes 32! Um, okay, I am cheating, but it's my game, so there. I'm remembering, by the way, that it's easier to dress with less than 33 in the warmer months than it is in the cooler ones. Layers. That's the problem. Also: My sweater addiction. Strangely, I have no regrets.

Bring on November! :)

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