Friday, October 3, 2014

What we did last weekend...

Once upon a time, like last weekend, Eric was involved in our high school's Hall of Fame weekend, where they pick past individuals and teams who were, like, awesome or whatever in sports, and hold a banquet in their honor. It's also a fundraiser for the athletic department, what?, it's totally legit and kind of an honor, plus, you know, budget cuts.

Eric had the good fortune to be on the 1988 State Championship baseball team, which is how we ended up attending said banquet fundraiser. Eric was kind of sheepish with his inclusion because he felt he didn't really do much to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame, but I credit that to his natural modesty and desire to stay as far away from the spotlight as possible. And you know what, my darling? Who cares if you were second string or whatever (this is a good example of when it would have been a good idea for me to pay attention. He's cute and I get distracted sometimes when he talks)? You were there.

And P.S. The banquet turned out to be sort of fun. We are introverts and were kind of people-d out that day*, but still. I mean, I was able to not talk to all the same people I didn't talk to in high school! Well, that's not entirely true, but it is mostly true. I can say with 100-percent confidence that most of the people we did talk to are the same people we always talk to. We're not really go-getters.

There was a silent auction going on during the banquet, and most of that stuff was not for me (minimalism, you know, plus I'm not really into eyebrow waxing, although hats off to anyone who willingly puts themselves through that). But! There was a gift box from my favorite coffee roasters, and my name went on that list pretty damn fast. I checked it a couple of times during the evening, and I had the highest bid, so I was feeling extremely cocky when they finally got around to announcing the winners.

Of course the coffee was THE VERY LAST item they announced. It was cool, I spent my time absentmindedly clapping for the other winners and visualizing how to best celebrate my impending victory.

This next part is kind of a blur, but anyway, instead of saying my name, they said my favorite father-in-law's. And I was all, WHAT? TRAITOR! Which I think was the reaction he was looking for, actually, because he said the look on my face when I lost was worth three times what he paid for the coffee.

Fast-forward to Sunday morning, as we slide into his pew for Mass. When I sat down, I was all, how was my coffee this morning?, which made him laugh, and I was thinking that maybe losing wasn't so bad after all because now I had a new joke I could run into the ground.

Yadda yadda yadda, Eric went to my favorite in-law's house that afternoon to help with some projects, and he came home with this:

Nothing says "We love you" like coffee.

So the moral of this story is that my running joke had a fairly short shelf-life. And also, my in-laws are my favorites for a reason.

P.P.S. Someone actually asked if I was the one being inducted into the Hall of Fame, which almost made collapse on the ground from laughing. I look like I should play volleyball or basketball, but really, what I excel at is just reading. Yay reading!

* We spent most of the afternoon volunteering at the annual Hops Fest, and wow, I had some issues with security. As in, one of the security detail ladies kind of hated me and kept getting me in trouble for daring to put wristbands on the right wrist instead of the left, or making them too tight (THEY WERE NOT!), or not standing behind her. It was kind of making me cranky, so I was glad to get moved to a ticket booth, where I could just pass out mugs and answer questions and take money. Eric got along fine with her, by the way, which I suspect is because he is very charming.

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