Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Care Package Project: September part dos

Punctuality is not really a trait I tend to possess, especially if it's a social situation. Then I try to be late. I don't know, anxiety is interesting. It is not something I strive for in the CPP, however, which is why I am trying to redeem myself this month.

But that is another post for another time. Let me finally tell you about September. If I may be so bold as to quote myself, here's how we left off:
Anyway, the moral of this post is that I literally JUST ordered something on Amazon (even though I've been planning this all month) to send to our darling little great-newphews, who turned 1 and 2 this summer, and they won't get the package until at least Oct. 6, so I'll wait to tell you what I sent until then.
Said package finally made it to its destination Oct. 7, which ain't too shabby, Amazon, so thanks, plus kudos for even delivering it at all. Not to point fingers (*cough* post office *cough*), but not every institution is all that great about the conveyance of its dispatches. 

(I've mentioned before that Abby gets mad at me about my word choices, right? She just doesn't understand that language is impossible to take seriously.)

September's package contained only one item. This:

Except we got the paperback edition, 'cause our  little boys don't
have a Kindle so a digital copy would have been ridiculous.

You guys, I love Momo. I follow Momo's Facebook and Instagram pages, and I really enjoy Andrew's photography. It's lovely, plus! Momo is hiding in every shot! This whole situation is full of win.

So this is what we sent our darling little great-newphews, Kayden and Logan (who are now 2 and 1, respectively). The last time I saw Kayden, we spent a half-hour on my iPad looking at pictures of animals. They were all "sooooooo cuuuuuuute!" Based on his reaction to polar bears and tigers, I just knew Momo would be a hit.

And I'm glad to say Momo has been. Their mother informs me that both boys were excited to receive a surprise package, and that Kayden in particular is very adept at finding Momo.

Of course he is! He's perfect! (Not that I am biased in any way.)

So hey, that makes the score five to four now, which seems like better odds somehow. Let's hope that carries over to our October CPP.

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