Monday, June 8, 2015

It's "Harry Potter" weather

This week in Portland. If you google "Oregon Weather," it just assumes
Portland is the center of the Oregon universe. Depressing.

There's something about 80┬║-plus weather that makes me want to read Harry Potter. I think that's because the books were always released in the summertime, and I associate heat with Harry. 

Ah, the good ol' days. I'd reread all of the books before the launch of the next installment, out on the deck in the sunshine. This was pre-employment, you understand, so I had a lot of time on my hands. There's only so much laundry and sweeping you can do before you need to go find something else.

Hey, true story, I never planned to even read the books until they were all out, because I'm kind of terrible about waiting, but then I subbed at the middle school library (my old job pre-Abby) when Abby was four, and the series was there to "Order of the Phoenix," and the kids were all talking about them, so I started reading and came up for air like three days later pissed that I'd have to wait another two or three years for the next one because "Order" had just been released.

God, Umbridge. I'm still scarred.

Anyway, there is no point to any of this, other than I was sitting on the deck yesterday, looking at the mountain and thinking of Harry and how I'd really like to read the sixth and seventh books again (just because I haven't read them nearly as many times as the first five). So that will probably be my week, just FYI.

This mountain. This was the header image for the newspaper
a couple of months ago. I tell you this so you understand just
how big of a poser I am.
The end.

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