Friday, June 5, 2015

Eh, what's a little slander, really?

I'm not entirely sure what to write, and it doesn't help that I'm bone tired thanks to a kind of hectic week at work. But this is just to say that one of my stories Wednesday drew a letter to the editor claiming I'd slandered someone. Um, technically it's libel when you're talking about print -- slander is spoken word -- but really, I'm just splitting hairs here.

The fact that what I wrote was no where near libelous is beside the point, too, since when people respond, they're really just going from their gut, but it bothers me anyway. I guess because I tried so hard (and in particular with this story, since the topic was a wee bit contentious) and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't really matter.

No, wait. That's Linkin Park. My bad.

(That's plagiarism, by the way. I'm going for broke.)

(Also one of my all-time favorite songs.)

I kind of forgot what my point is, except that I'm tired and this doesn't help my self esteem any, even though my self esteem is ridiculously high. Every time I start feeling good about myself, I get a lesson in humility.

Probably not the worst thing.

The end, I guess.

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