Monday, February 23, 2015

'Doughnut Lottery'

I've mentioned before that Johanna is a powerhouse of creativity, and, thanks to an after school program that ensures she gets her homework done BEFORE she even gets home (uh, that's awesome), she found herself at a bit of a loose end the other night and ended up making what I'm sure will be the Next Big Board Game.

May I introduce you to Doughnut Lottery?

Homemade game board with doughnut markers!

She reused a shoe box for optimum game storage.

How to play. Deceptively simple.

If you like board games that have no real point and where the worst that happens is that you are awed by a cat cookie and lose a turn, then this board game is for you! Johanna says that all you have to do is go around the board 10 times (and then changes it to 12... then 15...). Whoever ends up with the most "dough-llars" (um, that's a play on "dollars" in case you're not a fourth grader) wins it all! Since she didn't make nearly enough dough-llars to cover the insane amounts of cash giveaways included in the game, you'd think that would shorten things up a bit.

But wow, would you be wrong.

I land on "Awed by cat cookies" EVERY TIME.
It's like this board game has read my diary.

"Risk it all" is kind of overselling it. It's more like,
"risk nothing, just get more dough-llars."

"I LOVE this game!" Johanna can be heard saying whenever one of us breaks down and agrees to play with her. She was so excited to have a friend over yesterday so she could play it with someone she's not related to.

Side note: Her little pal Hayley was way more interested in why she made a game, why there weren't more dough-llars ("You're cheap. Let's just make more!"), and whether or not she could be the pink doughnut. Extra mom points for me because I got the girls actual doughnuts to eat while they played. I know. My awesomeness shocks even me sometimes.

While I can't take orders (because there is only one of these games in existence), this is just a note to say that you're more than welcome to come over and play with her yourself because jeez, you guys, there are only so many rounds of this I can take I believe in spreading as much Doughnut Lottery joy as possible into the world.

'Cause I'm a giver.

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