Monday, February 9, 2015

Well, that's awkward

If I may be so bold as to quote myself from this January 23 post...
My favorite grey sweater (favorite even though I look kind of terrible in grey) got a hole in the back collar almost ASAP after purchasing the thing at Eddie Bauer in September. I causally mentioned that to the kid behind the counter as I was buying Johanna a plain black t-shirt (that is another post for another time) and she was all, that is not right, and then went and found my sweater in my size and traded me one for one right there. Um, I was not expecting that. Wicked cool, Eddie Bauer kid!
...because that sets the stage for the rest of this sad tale, internet friends.

Are you ready for an update that will wrench your heart in two? Um, or kind of just make you shake your head a bit?

Then let's get started.

I've been wrestling a little with this new/old piece in my Project 333 capsule wardrobe, which is slightly odd because the old one was my favorite. I wore it all the damn time. This one is fine, it's just cut bigger (even though it's the same size. I don't understand you, clothing industry), and I feel a bit tent-ish--or, at the very least, like I'm back in the 1980s (in case you didn't get to experience that golden age for yourself, we liked big hair AND oversized clothes. It sounds more awesome than it actually was). Abby says I'm silly and that it's still very nice. And sometimes I do like the oversized cut... like last week, when it was cold and grey and what I really wanted was to wear a blanket to work. Since that's not in the dress code, I chose this sweater.

And look what I found:

My source for this image is myself.

At least my last hole was on the back collar and was easily covered by my hair. THIS hole is in such an awkward place... in the back on an obvious arm seam.

I'm not sure where this leaves us, you guys. The knit of this sweater is so awesome... maybe I could upcycle it into a skirt? (Upcycle is too a word, spell check! Quit changing it to epicycle, you're driving me insane, jeez!) I'm not sure I'm going to want to mend this thing every other week (because my mending skills are apparently terrible).

It's very sad and disappointing is what I'm saying. Maybe I need to find a new store for my go-tos, because Eddie Bauer just isn't what it used to be. I'm more upset about that than the hole in my sweater, to be honest.

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