Friday, March 15, 2013


Man, being home sick is boring. I've been fighting a cold (unsuccessfully, whatever) for the past week, and yesterday I finally succumbed to the inevitable: My couch = my friend. I tooled around on my poser iPad when I wasn't napping or blowing my nose, and you know what? The Internet is boring, too. Oh, I did find this on Pinterest, though. I'm not sure why it pleases me so much, but it just really, really does.

Anyway, I don't feel like sitting down immediately after standing up this morning, so I'm calling it a win and am going to attempt work. I've straightened my hair and everything, that's the level of commitment I've got for this plan.

Um, because I'm pretty sure I'll mostly be sitting today. I can sit like a champ.

Irony: Wanting to stay home and rest when you're well, and wanting to go out and conquer when you're sick. No matter how willing the soul is, it's the flesh you have to watch out for.

Well, anyway. This isn't a real post. Sometimes even if the words are there, the story is not. Ah, well. Next time, I'm sure...

P.S. Anybody got a hankie?

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