Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lesson NOT learned

You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after last Sunday's massive Spring Cleaning extravaganza, but apparently not. Today I'm concentrating on the master bedroom. I'm not sure when I last dusted in here, but it's been awhile based on the pictures I was able to draw in the dust.

So I'm sneezing a lot is what I'm saying.

Where in the world is Ron Swanson?
I've got a sack of giveaways started (it amazes me that no matter how much I chuck, there's always MORE to get rid of), and I'm sorely tempted to take down an entire picture wall, except it's REALLY ugly behind the frames (um, we had some issues hanging the pictures, I guess) and I'm not sure I can emotionally stand to look at that crap for however long it takes to redo it. I'm thinking next fall/winter, we'll do a Sort of Redecorating project. Nothing major, just paint and tearing down the wallpaper and redoing everything hanging on the walls. Eventually Eric will see this post and we'll all be on the same page, so no sense mentioning it just yet. The boy is outside doing yard work and seems quite happy despite his red nose. I'd hate to kill the glow by mentioning another inside project. Because I think he's really tired of painting AND being inside.

In other news: Johanna's eyes are looking better, Abby just got out of bed, Skilly can't decide whether to come in or stay out, my parents are picking up our moldings today, and I really, really just want some chocolate.

Now, to vacuum.

P.S. Had some Bad Ass coffee this morning, Ann. Mmm!

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